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What's in your wallet these the dan lebatardshow with this to got spot cass uh. We've got stugotz his weekend observations in thirty seconds but chris. What is it that i overheard you yelling about that. Someone jumped into the ocean and caught a fish fish with their hands. Yeah this is insane. Yoki noah his dad who was a tennis player yannick. Noah won the french open. He released a video where he's he's on a boat in the ocean and all of a sudden you seem kind of setting up the video and then he dives into the ocean and less than ten seconds later comes up with a fish without any tools is alive live vicious alive now now there is on a little skeptical because there is a slight cut in the video so it appears. This didn't happen as fast as the video makes you think but he comes up with a fish alive in his bare hands he the fish. That's what mike was saying earlier. No he did yeah look. It looks as though jahic bites into the fish and spits on a chunk chunk are put it on the poll antonio plays before we get to god's this weekend. Observations is it possible to jump into the ocean catcher fish and and <hes> bite a piece of you remember that guy one of the great <hes> clay court players of all time while really flexing guys dominating the red clays roland garas more than what we were talking about and you're gonna love the mike the single least interesting path possible time now for the rest of the gods this weekend observations it is time for stugotz sherry skin notes..

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