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JC welcome back to another episode of reality life with key. Keep this week's episode is really special. There are three parts to this episode. The first part is an interview with Deborah Newell. And then the name's familiar to you, it's because in two thousand fourteen she fell for a man that she met online on an over-fifties single site. The romance turned into a nightmare documented in the six part podcast series, dirty John and most recently into a TV series of the same name on Bravo. Her ex John Mian attacked her daughter Tara in the parking lot of her apartment building two years ago. He stabbed her with a knife as he tried to force her into the trunk of his car, but she fought back and the altercation left him dead and put an end to a two year saga. I was really lucky to secure interview with Deborah. She asked me to do the interview with famed criminal behavior. Analyst Laura Richards, formerly of the new Scotland Yard because it was really important to her that we discuss coercive control, and she hoped that our experience can help other victims now as you will hear she is very soft spoken, and it takes some time to open up. I ask you to remember that this is all still pretty fresh to her this just happened two years ago. And she's as she explains she's really still trying to heal from the trauma. The second part of the episode is with my childhood friend, Michael Kimmel, who I asked to watch show on MTV called Lindsay Lohan beach club. And then the third part of the episode is with Steve Tate father of six from Utah. He reviews the season premiere of the bachelor a show, which he loves now have you ever met somebody? And you can't explain the connection that you have between you, well, that's kind of what happened with Steve. And there's kind of an inch. Interesting story behind it that we both tell in the beginning and the end of his segment, so please sit back and enjoy this episode. Happy new year ready for some big changes this year ring in the.

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