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Thousand and twenty. I'm agent Gooney Guy. I'm Asian do Jay and we've got a lot of talk talk about well. Maybe we got a few things to talk about. So we're GONNA talk about him and it's all ingress stuff so that's good speaking of Ingress This week I've been just doing my daily I don't WanNa say grind because I have fun doing it so it's not really a grind but my morning ingress so I just had this route that I drive to work and I farm keys from one portal. And that's my star burst pertile which I just since stuff into and I can't out of because it's Max links right now out on my way in my way back but I'm trying to think of how to maximize ap on this morning drive because it's like you know it ends up being an extra forty five minutes to an hour with traffic. And it's just you know build portals adding shields or turns whatever crap I have laying around my inventory and then trying to make some some fields but do you think I should be letting it decay completely and rebuilding fully trying to figure out connects fields kind of thing or there. We go generator agent Red Solo. Oh come in the House with a unique. No my kids are in here either. I roll a saying please I. I don't to see I got some dental toothpicks. Do you mean do that was just the old you know. Okay Laura Law saying oh no Google.

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