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In the AllState skyline studio coming up after the two thirty news, we're going to talk with a couple of members from the talking heads tribute band. Start making sense. They're playing at the at them at martyrs this weekend. And then yesterday marked the fourth anniversary of the release of Mad Max fury road, which is one of my favorite movies ever. So we're gonna talk about the fantastic and fun post apocalyptic genre, and talk about some of the best movie field and product placement stories that we're gonna share all that. And more. Our phone number's three one two nine eight one seven two hundred for talk text, and you're a triple play Thursday requests, if those artists three songs, three one two eight one seven two hundred let's get back to our conversation with Ron pile who is an author journalist editor in chief of an Astra magazine space expert, and let's get right back. Right. Welcome back. Thank you, sir. So tell us tell everybody about heroes of the space age, which just was released a couple of weeks ago. Oh, yeah. So thank God that's the last book of the year. I, I really enjoy writing, but the marketing of Bitta tents, so they hang out and made seven and it's a seven chapters, eight eight heroes. The hard part was, I knew writing it wasn't gonna be terribly difficult. Because there's a biographies oral histories and tons of stuff on these guys and women was both men and women this time. But trying to sue the down to eight people, right? Yeah, yeah. Great. And I didn't wanna do every, you know, I knew I had to Armstrong and all that John, Glenn to do downtown terrorist, Kobo the Soviet Union a year ago, Garin and so forth. But I wanted to get some interesting people in there, like, Margaret, Hamilton this woman who was a what, what I think the first software engineer at MIT of their, their inspiration lab who was responsible for a big chunk of the programming. The Apollo guidance computer which you know, had to k of ram and Victor, six K of ROY. From which pretty small and just took the moon and back when she was responsible for the interrupt coding, kept the lunar module going when they were having the computer freezes it was heading down to the surface and Apollo eleven. So some known some less known seems to get good reviews so far. So fingers crossed by ten copies here. Friends has a terrific book. It is, it's, it's terrific. And I know that you're, you're Apollo book sold out in three hours and, and I'm I'm very thrilled. That I'm very thrilled that I have a copy of it because he's a it is a gorgeous book, absolutely gorgeous saying, they really that sterling servings publishing and they really whip the extra mile just the quality of the cover the thing and all the stuff inside and, you know, they, they were they were generous with their budget. Not just turns the book production, but in terms of acquiring stuff, where it's that was really a blessing to be able to work on that project and having it actually sell well, is really a thrill yennin. Garb. Got it out. We did. 'cause I think last accountability twenty two Apollo books on the south. Three of them are mind cause they reissued a couple of old ones that I did it was like, oh, man, there's the remainder bins are going to be full anymore. Well on top of that there's new stuff coming out, because I mean obviously, we got the fiftieth anniversary coming up in July. And so I mean, there are books and specials and all kinds of things happening. What are some of those things that you're looking forward to? Well, I'm looking forward to seeing this net GIO film when it finally hits, a Peter Pan we've seen working at its of it. I've got a stack of books that I still need to go through the review 'cause 'cause the magazine get review copies of stuff. So John Lewis and the Roger Lonnie vote longtime experts in the story ends and of the guys that field to both written a couple of weeks that that hit the market this year, and, you know, every networks going to have a specialist kind and tons of independence stuff coming out. I kind of feel on the movie side, you know, between what I've seen GO doing, and they Powell eleven doctor just kind of feel like I might have seen the best already. I don't know. It's going to be interesting to see at the at the conference. You were talking about earlier. We're going to have some festival for, for those nights. Oh, great. We're bringing some of those along and premiered to that GIO thing there. But yeah, if it's going to be quite a show. I guess the only part that makes me sad is I suspect, you know, they'll be the policy of and fiftieth, which is until. Why? And then there's going to be the Apollo thirteen anniversary shortly after that. And the last handful emissions, last emissions that. In this thing on. And people say, yeah. I've got a politician over this. Yeah. Drift away. It's a shame because those will really got interesting, you know. Yeah. Well, it's going to be it's going to be a busy. It's going to be a busy summer for for, for space fans. You must feel really gratified and happy that there's so much interest in this. Yeah. Some some fifty years..

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