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Here's Frank hanran Good started home for the wizards tonight hosting the Chicago Bulls late in the first quarter Wiz up 30 23 over the visiting Chicago Bulls Bradley Beal's got 9 points to lead the way for the way he's trying to snap the bulls at 6 game winning streak College troops run out of Virginia and Syracuse in a Taiwan Cavs up 57 52 under 9 minutes left in the second half earlier Kansas 6th ranked team in the country beating George Mason 76 67 American falls to Lehi 63 61 It was navy going on the road and beating holy cross 70 56 Rose bowl right now in college football and it is what they call a crazy one wild one as a lot of points scored in this game 35 28 right now Utah leading Ohio State in the third quarter of play So a ton of points scored That second quarter Earlier it was the Fiesta bowl as Oklahoma state Takes care of Notre-Dame 37 35 citrus Kentucky beats Iowa 2017 And outback Arkansas beat Penn State 24 ten a Frank hanrahan WTO sports Coming up after traffic and weather Do rising COVID case rates Have you worried about sending kids back to school I'm John doeman 7 47 Here's Jonathan Johnson The chief executive officer at overstock on the discussion the new and easy federal buying experience Sponsored by overstock government It's really trying to create efficiency in the purchasing and in the post purchasing reporting that different agencies need to do This is all about ease It's all about simplicity And it's all about trying to make any kind of red tape.

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