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So in the year. Two thousand we inducted. Acdc eric clapton journey rainbow george harrison and kansas. He caught that yup me too. I'm cool with all these two thousand one. The ramones queen heart michael jackson. Why and t blondie boston black oak. Arkansas what a group in two thousand and two. We inducted tom. Petty and the heartbreakers. Cheap trick motorhead ted nugent. Fog hat and eddie money then in two thousand and three in their first year eligibility we got van halen whitesnake. Ace fraley nell. Scott stars and meatloaf two thousand four prints accept saxon pat. Ben atar gerry. Rafferty foreigner april wine in two thousand five. We inducted iron maiden def leppard. Michael schenker wendy o williams and the sex pistols. Two thousand six motley crue kicks the stray cats joan jett and the black hearts and war. That might be my favorite line upright. They're gone in two thousand seven. Another eclectic group twisted sister billy idol. Yes whitford saint homes and cool and the gang. In two thousand eight metallica pandera lead afford and docking along with dick. Dale surf rock. And with doc in two thousand nine we inducted bon. Jovi slayer killer dwarfs stevie ray vaughan and double trouble and the misfits. In two thousand ten it was megadeath striper anthrax rat in two thousand eleven. The beastie boys poison tesla. David lee roth is a solo artist and overkill like that one to two thousand twelve. It was the big one we righted a lot of wrongs in two thousand twelve. When we inducted guns and roses queen's reich the allman brothers fast way faith no more the cult suicidal tendencies. Cinderella faster pussycat testament tommy james. And the shaun dell's and merciful fate in two thousand thirteen. It went to soundgarden. La guns x japan exodus wishbone ash and great white. In twenty fourteen skid row warrant nirvana status quo white lion and guar in two thousand fifteen alison chains. The black crowes green day. Kid rock slaughter in enough's enough 2016 chicago pearl jam smashing pumpkins saigon kick and tough. I'm starting to see a kind of pattern here. Yeah twenty seventeen yellow bachman. Turner overdrive kaya stanzi bullet boys. Ugly kid joe. Maybe not so much of a pattern twenty eighteen. We inducted clutch. The cars red hot chili peppers quiet riot and white zombie. In twenty nineteen the nod went to korn marilyn manson jackal tool the zombies angel. And todd rundgren. What a weird lineup. That one is and then finally in our last year twenty twenty. It's nine inch nails slash sweet hanoi..

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