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Dollah wouldn't wouldn't keep Dion Lewis any saddling them with this stuff. A guy that won't even memorize the playbook. Won't even put in the time and commit to memorizing playbook. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, after that Detroit lost it was just that I've used that sound byte about five times. Brady's just done with it. He's exhausted. He's and I'll go back to this. It is amazing. The bears are just signing guys left and right. The eagles signing the Rams signing guys. I mean, the Vikings Stefan digs Kirk cousins or signing guys has Brady ever said to rob Bob Kraft, the owner, where's the money going? 'cause I'm taking a pay cut. You're not painting of a running back. You're not paying our receivers. You're not paying our defensive line. You're not paying a pass rusher a ton where Saul New England's money going Brady's been taking a pay cut for ten years. The Rams, the bears, the eagles. Money, money money, but the Green Bay Packers and the patriots who have the do best quarterbacks in the league air always out of money, green bad. We can't. We can't afford Khalil Mack who you paying whose Green Bay pain. You're not paying Aaron Rodgers yet. His contract isn't starting yet. I've been paying him yet and Brady's like you're not paying me. You're not paying receivers, not pay my back's. You paying the Potter. Who are you paying here our to Greg Cosell, Michael Strahan in a packed second hour Kevin Durant. Can you stop, whining, come on, Kevin. Nobody hates you almost. Nobody. That's next in l. a. it's the hurt. This is the heard hour to wherever you may be. And however you may be listening live in Los Angeles iheartradio Fox, Sports, radio, and f s one joy..

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