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The Barclays center after police had packed it full of protesters EE CBS's Steve burns has details out of all the anger and frustration that came out of Friday night there was also this Chester supporting an MTA bus driver as he stood outside of his bus defying NYPD orders to drive protesters who had just been arrested near the Barclay center this is not the work that I will bus operators do transport workers union president John Samuelson says this issue came up during occupy Wall Street as well the NYPD arrested protesters and comedy it buses in Hamburg two thousand eleven and ordered our bus operators who transport you wrecked the protest at that time the union sued and won Samuelson says this driver was entirely within his rights to refuse to drive the bus operators already risking his life when he comes to work every day to put that type of stress on the operator is it really in in decent thing to do Steve burns WCBS newsradio eight eighty the NYPD has suspended all solo police patrols following Friday night's violent protests in Brooklyn in a Saturday morning memo to all officers the department is prohibiting officers from conducting solo patrols quote regardless of bureau command or assignment end quote more than two hundred people were arrested during that rally last night near the Barclays center several cops were also injured Attorney General William Barr taking some federal action in regards to the protests and riots across the country it is a federal crime to cross state lines or to use interstate facilities to incite or participate in violent rioting and we will enforce those laws last night's violence in Brooklyn going to be the subject of those two investigations announced today by mayor de Blasio and governor Cuomo who says state AG tish James will be involved all the police responses being criticized by city public advocate Johnny Williams who says there should not be a big police presence when people are in pain so we have to take it the escalation model but we also have to put forth a plan that is going to address the things that people are angry about those two things at the time had in hand he says the response to people who are angry and grieving can not be a show of force by police more protests have been happening today and saw some video of a protest along west street here in lower Manhattan and they were not a whole lot of police officers that they are in that particular video very peaceful protests that really all across the city and of course we're going to continue to check in in Times Square with our Steve burns coming up at the bottom of the hour six eighteen let's check traffic and weather together on the aids over the traffic center and soon the casket all right we have a conclusion on the up front westbound as you're approaching the deacon that's got one lane out and delays are back to parkway we also the crash being reported by week's uses on the belt parkway east added a hundred thirty of delays on the westbound side and see you as well and police activity in Brooklyn has Prospect Park west closed in both directions by Parkside Avenue over to New Jersey expect a slow ride on route forty six east bound as you approaching route three that's due to road work in Connecticut we have police activity in Bridgeport all lanes are closed on route eight involves digressions taking a look at the crossings police activity has the base street ramp closed on the Staten Island bound Verrazano our next topic up it is in less than ten minutes on WCBS over the weather center now we get the five day forecast with meteorologist Frank straight looking good out there this afternoon we'll have sunshine pleasant warmth and lower humidity high will be eighty three so enjoy that we turn cooler tonight clear to partly cloudy and breezy with a low fifty six in mid town well north and west of spots to get to the forties it'll be mostly sunny tomorrow noticeably cooler but nice with a brief spike Lee seventy two in the town Monday's going to be breezy and cool to start June you'll see a mix of clouds and sun high will be about seventy can't rule out a shower in the afternoon that's mainly north and west of the city though Tuesday one more nice day it'll be partly sunny with a high of seventy two but after that warmer up and settled for Wednesday clouds and sun for Wednesday with a chance for a shower thunderstorm.

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