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We'll everyone's going to be talking about obviously the the end of this bizarre string of bombs dating back to march second here in austin all done by twenty three year old guy from pflueger ville home schooled with acc and blow himself up last night on a front end of i thirty five did it on purpose after and i guess i don't think that the police chief clarified it's actually where they found the cell phone but i think it was inside the car maybe it may have been elsewhere but he left a long video recording of of all the bombs each one of the bombs seven total given precise details the chief of police classified this as a confession and an appointed the police chief said that he stated why he did it except the part and maybe some of the answers can take here that he said you heard the confession of a troubled young man who was battling personal issues he didn't say why he targeted the people that he targeted he did mention in the video that he knew that the police were closing in on him it makes me go back to that point about showing up at the fed ex store is that some sort of bizarre call out to just let's in this and there was a shooting at on site he didn't say didn't answer and maybe we'll learn more overnight whether or not the the suspect the twenty three or bomber fired back but he did call it a confession he did say that there was details about every single bomb i didn't say why targeted didn't say about terrorism didn't say it was about hey didn't say about anything except at some point i guess in there he he cried out about whatever the issues were and that's it i mean that's all you really learn from the news conference other than the governor the mayor district attorney all talking about the great police work there the questions really weren't answered in length about about the suspect and why and in fact at one point brian manly the chief of police even said we may never know why and that may be the only take away from all this except for getting access hearing about getting the transcript of this long video message you left on a cellphone so.

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