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Swank is working from the pulpit. How are you guys doing today? Doing very well on a gloomy day in Connecticut, but it's the weekend, holiday times. I'm having a Christmas party tomorrow. Life is good buster. So it's not a gloomy day here in Montana. This guy is beautiful. It feels like every day this guy is amazing. And I did look at the long range forecast. We're not forecast to have a temperature above freezing and we have only had two in the last month here in Boseman. We have not we're not scheduled to have a day above freezing up until Christmas. What do you guys think about that? It's supposed to be minus 9 here on Wednesday. Yeah, listen, just a silence. I love it. I think it's going to be fun, except for when I let the dogs out in the morning and they look at me like, are you serious? Yeah, yeah. Do you bundle up when you take the dogs out buster? Or do you just go for it? I got one of those under like a long sleeve type shirt underneath and then I have a sweatshirt and that's it. Okay, okay, I didn't know if you'd grab the park, throw the hat on. Okay, I like it. Well, I do have a biking cap, which my partner Liz, she can't stand it. She hates the colors of it. You know, the gold and the purple. Like, she doesn't care about the teams at all. But she just, she's been trying clandestinely to replace that hat. I think that hat will be lost at some point. Oh, how does quinny like the cold? That's my main question. She loves it. In fact, her favorite game now. She loves to, you guys have seen those nature videos where she's 11 months old. And you guys have seen the nature videos were like the coyote or the fox pops along the snow, trying to catch a mouse and sort of pogo sticks. Yes. That's what she does with the ball. She absolutely loves it and when she goes for the ball, she goes shoulders deep in terms of where he put and she comes up and her whole face is covered in snow. She loves it. What an adorable image for our listeners here. She's great. And Sarah, you've seen quinnie, many times on this podcast when we tape it on Zoom. She is the star of the show. For sure. All right, so we now have only one big time free agent left on the board. It's pretty incredible. We've had off seasons in which some of these big name signings have dragged on until February and March. Not this year. Like, we're down to dansby Swanson. That's just about it. After colors were done yesterday agreed to a 6 year $162 million deal to go in New York. We're going to be talking about the signing coming up. We'll also be talking about the giant signing of shortstop Carlos Correa, 13 years, $350 million in interesting structure on this deal. We'll be talking about with Doug glanville coming up. Noah syndergaard reached a one year deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Atlanta Braves acquired catcher Sean Murphy from the athletics and the three way deal. Catcher Christian Vasquez agreed to a three year $30 million deal with the Minnesota Twins in a winner in which the twins don't seem to be doing much at all. The Blue Jays trying to compete with the Yankees trying to compete with the Tampa Bay Rays, the Baltimore Orioles. They signed Chris basset to a three year $63 million deal, he'll of course be in the Blue Jays rotation behind Alec mino behind Kevin gausman and behind him in center field would be Kevin kier Meyer. Who agreed to a one year deal with Toronto. The Red Sox introduced a bunch of side players, including Kenley Janssen and heim bloom. They had a baseball operations at Boston, talked about the signing a mod asaka, yoshida. We've watched masa taka for a while. And the thing that really stood out from all angles was just the quality of the at bat. There's a very unique combination of contact and skills and strike zone discipline and an ability to impact the baseball that we feel has a chance to really impact the game at the major league level. So I've talked to a lot of folks with other teams who also, of course, looked at coming into this off season and I got to say, either those folks are going to be very, very wrong or the Red Sox are going to be very, very wrong for this investment of a $106 million. Folks with other teams basically are saying, they can't see it. They don't understand what the Red Sox are thinking. If he turns out to be a terrific player, the Red Sox are going to look really smart. The mets signed kodai sanga, this deal was finalized this week, 5 years, $75 million. Brandon nimmo, who agreed to that massive deal last year, a hundred, about $22 million a year, talked about returning to the mets on that 8 year contract. Just so thankful to be able to be coming back. I'm very, very thankful to the Cohen's to Alex and Steve. The front office, Billy, sandy. Obviously, most people know here that I was drafted by sandy. Which is crazy to think about 2011. First one and book help and bring me back and I think last season we had a great season and then came up a little bit short of the ultimate goal. And I'm here to try and see that through. The Detroit tigers signed a couple pictures, Matt Boyd, returning to Detroit, Michael lorenzen, both those players on one year deals. And Taylor, your Orioles, participating in this off season. They signed second baseman Adam Frazier to a one year contract. What did you think about that signing? It's fine. That's okay. You know, they did something. They brought a bat in whatever. I had a friend text me yesterday after Carlos rudan was signed to the Yankees lift off my, you know what? Buster. It's family program. I won't say it on here, but some frustration in birdland. Yeah. And we're going to talk about how we're seeing this great polarity in baseball, the disparity between the big market teams or big spending teams I should say. And the teams that have basically decided not to spend that much to this point, the Orioles are in that category. Taylor, what else you got? Buster, we did a pair of college game day podcasts this week that I thought both of them were particularly good. The passing of Mike leach this week very sad in the college football community and Pete theme and David Pollack and Greg mcelroy came together and did a great job of remembering and reflecting on his legacy. I thought it was great. And of course there's all sorts of news going on. We're gonna have bowl games this weekend, so Pete demo and Bill Connolly back in the pod yesterday looking at those bowl games and cutting up the latest news. So check all that out. The ESPN college game day podcast. You can listen to that podcast wherever you are listening to this podcast right now. 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