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So he's he's really solid along. That's my that's my defense play. Well, you got number two, Mike. I Paul George my number two. Jaanus number two for me. Mike point guard all five positions number two defense in the league. A lot of those to him and Brooke Lopez's protecting their pay. I we on this number two. I honest as Well, Paul George who third Rudy Gobert Monmouth three was Joel and be like the exit when he's not there shows. And I think that's that's that's the important thing for for the big, man. Like, I said I gave the advantage for the parameter and why they to me is a little bit different. But at the same time for the big man, you'll notice when Joel is gone. The thing about Rudy Gobert for me is this when he's gone Derrick favors steel does a very good job. I know he's not Rudy or Joel. But the dares there's a there's not that big of a difference from Rudy's not on the floor. Statistically, he. Sure. Yeah. When Derrick favors there is very very very slight. I just looked it up. I looked up his on off number suit. That's why he wants his percentages weren't as high as like, a mouse Turner, or Joe and son was number three on my list. They were top five defense. And he is the best player. My won't problem with him. Is that he when he plays like twenty five minutes a game. And it's not because he's a foul trouble or anything. They just have their rotation where him assume bonus can't really play together. And I would love to get more than twenty five minutes per game. So you can really showcase how great of a defender. He is. But I guess nobody pays attention to the pace with. Yup. So increase the begin three bucks again. Yup. Yep. My you're there. I really go beer. Okay. So yeah, I think we all had around the same. Different ones. I love knows too many games play. And you know, if he plays their next one next fan question comes to k- curb who says most surprising player this season for y'all pass gas dot com. When you talk about surprising. Not improve surprising. I don't think anyone. Expected PASCAL Siaka, even even people that liked him a lot and we're fans of him. I don't think they expected this type of season from to jump. It's a base Laborde align all star. So when y'all watch him does he remind you Lou Alday? No. He's darkest hail. He may look like Louis. No, no, just like, please. No, he hands the ball. He's longer. I can kinda see what you say. Though emails. I'll see like when I'm watching the owned. There's just sold similar to the shadow blue hinder the ball a little bit when he was in Chicago, not as Pasqua not as much, but he could hinder the ball, but he would do pick and rolls with Nolan boozer. Like, he did all that stuff. Just like he does any and LOL shot out of corner. That's when I think in the War, I think about pile-up job pump fake one dribble. Pull up. John rate has all sad. And then I'll get corner three. People don't understand that. Video man, I showed you video of him killing. Lebron Derek used to say that while dangle is one of the better shack rate is an a league and you're like. If you say games, you versus LeBron James you'll see you know, like he just you could see him like creating a shot..

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