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Defense sadder radio. This is jacob josh. Oh my name. Is jake mandal has always i got my buddy josh house here in josh. Usually ask you how you're doing say but there's something more important going on and that is imagine if you will today being deke. Grants agent the one who spoke out last week about water returning. Kicks magin being to kim grants aging after hearing today on june. Four eric eric. Quality y just ruined the entire thing. Jalen dropped two points and practice day. Josh is it too late for us to kinda do trade backs with the eagles and the forty niners because this is a disaster and i think we all need to jump ship right year. And what else are we going to do. Jalen wada's clearly a bust in this clearly means you're keen grant safe and sandy. That's how bad is remember his name. Yeah i mean but this is the season right. I mean we all love. hello teaser. Here we love the. Footballs back but with that. Comes all the overreacting. And that's what we're seeing here. So yeah jalen waddles clearly boston. You know you mentioned that. You don't ask me how i'm doing but i got my tooth pulled yesterday. I told you about that number. Nineteen was the too so maybe me throwing that out there into the world is wife scheme grant still hanging for dear life just like that tooth was i liked that. Quite a bit but dude. It was brou-. I refreshed twitter after going out to lunch. And there were seven different be reporters like i don't know man jalen waddell attracted and then they backtracked if they said i came out and then from sun-sentinel and said you know we overreacted. He's fielding punch. Just fine so again. This is traded cam. I mean this is what we're going to see for the next four months now this issue what you're trying to create content for a four month long season right and we're doing this you know year round but but welcome into finsider radio. I thought that was worth a good chuckle. you know oh ki as are underway Mandatory minicamps actually begin on june fifteenth. And that is the official end of quote unquote three off season. It's broken up into three phases due to the bargaining agreement and the best part about these Optional camps isn't just at. The dolphins have mostly players there. I think at one point the count was up to seventy In terms of members of the roster. But we've been getting waves of quotes from different players. It seems like you know you tweet them all out at house on twitter. I'm going to go ahead and throw it out there. 'cause it's much but i mean it seems like every time rifled through these. You know we joke about some of the questions. that are a little more goofy. I feel like you know each time. I'm learning about thirty something and it has nothing to do. With what waddell. Muffing pundits kind of learning about. How these guys grow and things like that last week. Goes florence talking about bill brian. And you know this week. I think eric rowe kinda put perspective. How this secondary despite you know four returners that lets the five including the nickel cornerback. I mean i think it could look a lot different despite all those returners. Yeah i think. I mean it's going to look a lot different whether we like it or not and you mentioned how it truly is just wonderful. We get to say here and you know the finsider. Now against the sitting on these press conferences reasons. You know we get here. These quotes like you said we gotta learn a little bit about these players in kind of the different systems. They're implementing the biggest thing. I think we learned from eric. Rowe is that you know. He loves which yvonne hollins them. But he also has some quotes reacting to what the team was bobby mccain. And here's what the quote said The bobby's decision. That's just how the nfl goes right at the end of the year teams are always switching out players adding players letting go players. That's just the business side. So i really can't say much on that i'm not upstairs making those roster moose. But then he went on to just rave about japan holland. You know he has nightside. He's athletic and then i've talked to him. He's a smart guy. He's picking up the defense pretty s but he did go on you know he did take a step back and he did say if japan holland wins that job so He did pump the brakes a little bit. But again it was. Just nice to see what eric rowe seasoned veteran. A guy who you know understands his defense his thoughts on bringing in a rookie to supplant a veteran link bobby mccain who again was a vocal leader on that defense and it kind of nips in the but the idea of that The dolphins are sliding their players by moving on from guys like house at night and bobby mccain two guys that were there on the field i mean they were playing ninety plus percent a snaps but a couple you fans A little bit of a us. I guess i should say had the idea are. Is this a bad idea. Are we going to make players upset. Our players not gonna come. Wanna come to miami because You know they might get caught right away. They feel disrespected. But i mean this kind of nips it in the but i mean the the two biggest things i learned from air pro this week while put this rundown his one he understands the business in two men it feels like eric roseman twenty five years. Now am i. Am i. lonely does actually. The suit's been old forever and yet you know he. He joined the dolphins as a twenty six year old. I can't read my head around that. I feel like he's always been on the older end but i mean he he's right in the middle of the nfl's prime yea really is just hit in his prime and honestly thought we were going to say your biggest takeaway was. I don't know if you saw the quote. But he now has a blonde streak on the side of his head and he's trying to bury yes. That was definitely the biggest takeaway. But i mean you're right. S his fans. I think you know we sit there and see those veterans that have the ties brian floors. And i'm like oh damn league. He moved on from right now. You know we also got to realize these guys made money you don't cover and fifteen million dollars per season bobby mccain after we got that big contract there for a little bit you know. We felt like he was stealing money. So it is a business and again we just need to see how this all plays out..

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