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I think two months ago. Kyle hit walsh verse. How okay you're gonna think this is wild but bear with me. Why is wall so different than matt olsen. You're gonna say because of history but what's the difference in numbers this year. Honestly like i these not two weeks. Why can't you do olson's been doing for the last couple of years. He he can absolutely do that. You have a way of scraping the ceilings of players. And i can't disagree with that. It's it's a scenario you guys and yeah in arkema totally get it the smaller league the more it makes sense to take guys shooting for ceilings. It's the all in approach washington's monster in the minor leagues just. He was not. He had one good year in the minors monster goodyear yet but he had an eleven hundred s with thirty six home runs in that one year in in the pto. Okay well. i just look nobody's arguing. That medicine isn't is better and hasn't done this before. Jar walls is gonna hit to sixty with thirty home runs this year. I to sixteen thirty. I don't have a problem with marketing. It down june seventeenth. That's going to be our jared walsh. I matt allston update podcast. All right so there it interesting. Jared walsh. I was on board two months ago. He's not not olsen buddy the top hundred fantasy option for sure. Jared walls is a power guy. now he can't hit lefties and they moved down in line up there but and he's not gonna three hundred dollars season but a two seventy five batting average with thirty plus home runs makes them a top thought hundred guy and i mean i was just using the matt olsen cop because west coast lefthanded batter and you know matt olsen isn't exactly killing lefties himself but Joe walsh is legit. It's a shame that the angels don't have my drought because that's a team. That has a good offense a base in windows hitting either like men that could be a top offense there. Yeah actually one of the things that bugs me about the angels lineup composition. Right now is just that. I actually think one of the big differences between these two players to date as of today is run scored. It's the depth of the line of turning it over and scoring runs and padding walsh's if he had gotten more of those they're actually pretty close in the player then It's you know we we talked the time and you heard my projection there. He's done better than that. I probably would still project what i had said in that. But that's still an excellent player as you said a top hundred guy. Ulsan spend awesome. What's really weird about this. Is i kind of wish. In retrospect we had talked about vladimir guerrero at the time since their one two three for a first based on the player. But we're going to see how the rest of this year place kind of what. I was unsure of it at the time we discussed. This is how you tab june seventeen. It's like you've thought this was a sixty game season. We'll are eric in two months. And it was on the fifteenth of april and. I'm like a podcast. In two months months in two days. It's june seventeenth. We've got to pay it off. I know eric doesn't like victory laps. But but but do we victory lap if it stays this way at the end of the year victory lap. at all it's still on september seventeenth. Who knows who knows where we are said. In two months we could have this discussion again. We're having this discussion again. If you wanna make new claim we can do that again today. You want us. I'm curious to players go. I'm curious to see how you knew to remember that we talked about this two months ago. What the heck never forgets. He's good. He's the best he's the best. So who's the next jared walston. Who's the next. Jared walsh bobby bradley. I mean i'm. I'm trying to think of lefty hitting first baseman. I think bradley is not that. But i don't either but i but i that's a curious off that's interesting interesting. I mean it could be bradley. I think he's got some pop and they have to stay with him and he's off to a good start. I mean it's only a couple of weeks. He's been well over three hundred. But i'm trying to think of a left handed hitting first baseman. Who could be and he's not going to be vogel. Bach mean kissinger hundred. This incredible. what's happened to him. This season never going to be brand bell as possible. There is nobody else like this but a either on right. And that's what i'm trying to i. I you know that. I walk on multiple teams. I had them in labor. I haven't been are sim league. I enjoyed that breakout. Season is basically. Because i studied is aaa numbers and i was like. He's got power. Jared wells have always had power whether he can keep the batting average or something is a different story altogether. Okay another. it's it's the contact. It's really contact with him and the one thing. I want to see corrected. a bit. Going forward is bring back the contact rate of last year. That's all time for combo meals things today. 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