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Me agree. Appreciate it. All right, giving the eggs symbol of what for Easter? Do. You have any idea rebirth. Yes. One of them says is a symbol of life for killing and reverse. All right is what to giving of eggs is. I had sent a happy Easter to Matt from new tours and Jenny and Katie. And I said, you know, I don't understand the eg rabbit for Easter. You think it should be a chicken with all the eggs there should be some chickens in this. You know, I didn't understand all that. Right. Think about it. Truthfully. How bbut rabbits and eggs go together. I don't know. So we'll find out later. All right. So you give out. Let's see let's head for the poll nights. All right. We have seventy and she has a question about grain free dog food. All right. Hey, stephanie. How you doing pretty good the question? I have I have two questions about the no great yet. Guys, push. No green heard on the news that the FDA came out with no grain dog food kill dog. No. That's that's. But no air is there's article you get a piece of paper and pencil. Okay. There's an article that you by gene, Dr Jean dads that she wrote. It's not they don't know. They have not done any tests that they're just trying to sort out to see what you know, it is up. There has been nothing finalized. That's for sure thing. And but anyway, go to hime, oh, H E M O. Okay. M? Oh, pets P E T S dot org. And. Dr Jean J E A N Dodds DOD s out deal D D O D S. And now, did she did an awesome breakdown of this whole scenario? Alright, and she's a vet and she's huge into nutrition and such like this. All right. So read that that's out of the all the articles that I've seen come out about it. That she did the best one there. They also have an article about it. If you go to let's see did it at a dog's naturally magazine dot com. He also did a article about a doctor Jean Dodds. Did what are the best ones as what it is? Is that the theory of the the grain free is how dogs processed the legumes that are in the grain free diets and the bees such like that as to why a lot of people switch degreen free because they think it's healthier for their dogs. Right. Right. How green freeze even came into the mix dogs at had a problem with the grains at first it was the week the corn and the gluten all right? So then then what they did is a they've made grain free ones for the ones that have sensitivities to that. Then. So what happens the big thing in the in the dog world is that you never feed the same dog food for any length of time. You know, the vast you can rotate like with my Zelda, I would do Neutra source of beef in rice, eight pound bags net. Will last me maybe about a week we can have. And then I go by like eight eight pounders different ones. So then so then what would happen? So then I do the beef and trout, well, then I do their peer vita Turkey grain free. I would go to their lamb and Brown rice when I would go to their duck grain free in peer vita. So the thing is is that you're not feeding the same thing all the time. And that's what the grain freeze are saying that would happen. There's also side effects that could happen. If you feed just like, a let's say, a chicken and rice for too long that all of a sudden you can build up into a chicken allergy because even they didn't get a different source of protein because it takes different enzymes to breakdown chicken, different enzyme, debris down beef and trout in such things like that. Now thing go for cats. Yes. Okay. Casts casts metabolism is totally different. Okay. And see they they have a very fast metabolism. So they don't they have a total. No, carb need and so on. It's really unbelievable how they can survive on all the dry food that we give them, and they do they wind up having usually between six and seven or eleven and thirteen they wind up with crystals in a year or having some kind of Reno problems to being fed all the dry matter really with the cats. They should be fed like a raw, you know. There's just eat birds and mice and story. Right. So, but with the cats would you want to do is incorporate some raw in there you want to get good grain free K into food and not the dry food forum for them to digest the how between intervals of feeding them. How long you wait to do this as far as wet food along that be what do you mean? Well, you're feeding your cat dry food. Okay. Now, give them some wet food canned food for how long did you do this? Do this. Every day for. Yes. Every time the cats, you just you want total grain free caned, no dry matter. And if you do have let's say you can't afford all the cans fine thing. Get the good grain free can dry, but then soak it in hot water. Okay. So that it it breaks down. But to catch love gravy. They lick things more. They really don't chew they lick and lick lick it up. So that's why you do. Well, you know to if you can't afford to do cans of the canes that I did the new source has seven grain free can ones that do not have chicken in it. Because a lot of cats are having chicken versions because chicken is everything I have a cat like that that Walter he can't eat chicken or his face walls up as so anyway. So now, they came out with seven without the chicken, which is good. So what do you do you take like some of the dry rehydrated the mix a little bit of the canned? So it's kind of like a gravy with it and the cats will like it better, by the way, most cats Patail, there's not too many that like the shred. Or the student is a texture thing. And and cats don't take change well at all. So that's why you've got a baby step into it. But like by. Luckily, my cats are so used to I can throw anything, Adam. And they'll they'll scarf died. Just gave them Turkey Turkey chicken next. The other day out of the Fred brought up Dino thought him and then gave drove real connects. Yep. They love the chicken necks. And then I also can give them a Turkey Turkey next big. And so then when I do is I slice them off. And I give to the cats and then the bigger end of it. I gave I give it to my ten Pounder dog Gilligan tattoo on and this is yet get because they can eat raw has moisture and you never give a dog or cat. He bowl, and that has been could you take the moisture content out. So then it becomes dry and brittle shards care the throat us going out or the recommend going down or the recommends going out chicken yet. Yep. Like when I make chicken, we Bush our own chickens. And so when I do a whole chicken then like making soup. Okay. I'll cut the chicken up. And so then I'll get the back to the cats. I break it in half. And then one cat gets one and one the other one. So that's what you have raw anything to the campus some cats they've never seen it before. They look at you going. What in heck is this? They gotta dabble in it and slowly. But surely they start looking at and then eventually they start eating it and workshop a chicken necks, really cheap. And they're great, you know, for precancerous non. So yes, those read that article by pet and you'll be doubted, gene Dodds because she. He did the brand. To give it to her. Fully. I don't know how to make sure when you read the treats. Now, this is what they made they have the grain for they have freeze dried treats for cats and dogs. I give my dogs. My dogs a cat stuff. Mechat the dog stuff because it's so good the freeze dried treats, and he's jerky trees that doesn't make as only casts have a higher because metabolism faster high-protein higher protein. Need only talking treats. It's no big deal. Okay. Living off of that. Right. All right. He's not right. Okay. Yeah. And so that's why like say the minnows that they'd have for cats treats, I give to the dogs does love the middles. And then now the Turkey there freeze dried Turkey on in these jerky treats, they just came out with cats. Absolutely love these new jerky treats. And so that's what I mean. But it's it's a treat. But it's a good treat. There is only meet there's apple organic apple cider vinegar and pumpkin. That's it. And that's all you wanna see the you'll want to see all the treats, the only ingredients you should be able to understand all the ingredients. And this should be very few. There's a whole bunch of them than don't don't give those treats. Okay. Okay. All right. My question. I wanna make sure that my animals are taking care of Lu of that. Okay. Check with main society, can you recommend any place else? While his address that we gotta run. I gotta go to a break here. So hold on. Don't hang up. We'll address comeback. Okay. Okay. What the the dine of the eggs. What does that represent in Easter time? Mytalk one seven one everything.

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