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To roughly 300, WGN Sports Blackhawks and Lightning Tonight. Pregame at 5 30 face off at six year on 7 20, W. G and Bulls are in Oklahoma City tip at seven, and it's official, Liam Hendricks has signed a four year contract with the White Sox. Forecast from the primacy all weather center today cloudy 40% Chance of snow showers High of 37 degrees tonight Mostly cloudy 20% chance of evening snow showers and then that goes to 60% overnight. Low of 30 degrees. Tomorrow will be cloudy. 60% chance of snow in the morning high of 37 degrees. It's 34 degrees in Bartlett, 35 in Waukegan and 35 degrees on the lakefront your money on W G and the Dow was down 80 points of 30,911. NASDAQ Down 41 points at 13,071 S and P 500 down 14 points of 37 81. More not on Chicago's very own 7 20 w G. And whether you're a pro on the job site or managing properties, clean and safe is your number one priority and lows has the pro great cleaning supplies you need. We go beyond the basics, bringing you commercial cleaning from top brands like Clorox, Zep and Rubbermaid and in larger sizes, So you could take on any cleaning job knowing you have the quantity you need. Shop close for pros calm and have your items delivered. We'll pick up in store lows. The new home for pros us only that Max back is a foundation dedicated to keeping the memory of Patrick Thomas McNamara alive through fundraising efforts and service projects. Sadly, Patrick was just.

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