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Princess while driving on rainbow road what video game are you playing man appeal in rainbow rosewood video games at first off if you do that you're gonna lose you need two hands on the wheel when you're on rainbow road like Mario kart yes ladies you get a battle of the sexes it again download as PDF print it and hang it on your wall with pride thank you you also won a pair of tickets before you can see Las Vegas residency April third two night hotel stay at a gas card for the road you see the Jonas brothers live the park theater April first of eighteen the tickets go on sale this Friday at ten AM yeah and it's a bonus chance went online in one of four three my thumb dot com slash Jonas you're welcome give us the exit the stage my friend this poem is entirely yours you take away they were all congratulations everyone have a wonderful day although the news of Kobe death the Stiller by then yeah it is heavy on everybody else yeah it's just it's so shocking how are you to deal with that with the kids today at school we talk about it with them I'm sure it all absolutely yeah I'm sure everyone can bring it up just because it is just a big part of the community right yes one of this is that you want to talk about that later on this hour how to deal with your kids during moments like this because you know my eleven year old son looked up to him as an athlete everything and wasn't really there during his playing time per se but it kids you know these these athletes are so larger than life ends you know I'm training with him is a forty one year old man is over here and then when you have to explain to also that his daughter is no longer here that's very hard to explain the kids we may touch that'll but later on thank you for all think your call but preset yes thank you yeah my Tony George's morning Tony what's going on we've got a problem in Orange County eastbound side the ninety one is coming up on the crime rate lasalle access a couple of cars involved a say in the fire department is there already carpal and.

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