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The other day sterling replace the when george steinbrenner said guys too slow who loses greenwald guy hired at sea legs they wanted that enthusiasm but it's a nice man i've never met him you know john sergei very nice i remember he's very you talk about fraud oh you're teima yum john f mark mcgwire's record stands for thirty years so that's his second wanted a now has fifty and good for judge mark mcgwire now out of the record books did you see the the bob nightingale tweet over the weekend bob nightingale tweeted san francisco giants still the favorites to land she and carlos stanton when the marlins trai eight him san francisco would love to have stanton or gd martinez in their twenty eight team lineup so there you go by sticking with the giants being the number one outlet for this guy win which makes you think that the giants are the team that is willing to take the two hundred ninety five million dollars off of the marlins play that's the deal that's the dea joerg haider by the way fire jack mckeown mr marlin jeffco nine andrew andre dawson and tony perez were hall of famers oh kean carlos stanton two hundred ninety five million over the next ten years in may out my read on gilles tweet is just the giants of have there the front runner not because of they've got better prospects because they don't they're the front runner because they're probably be willing to take on the most money which they should be because they meant money yeah and and just for the record jitters names on all these firing so he's not uses somebody else he's the guy that's going to run everything well i thought he'd be the tajik deflect said everything is to tear flight have somebody else like the assistant gm oh he di aims hilty dave david sampson was actually the one who may was made to fire fyrom but it was cheaters called that sampson was gone no jitter made sam send fire all the guys knowing samson's going to be fired all he end to guide you will you know store edged ebonyhaired over the weekend i had marty art samson would zia stepped side of lorry along the team rise how he got into power so soho still jittery did it had somebody else do it yet he sent.

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