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Josh hamilton carlos gonzalez alexio gondolosi jiro suzuki a mobile exile gone del was he ever great leave out gary matthews junior how k whose he evergreen either i do agree with this one for the four six nine john bones jones i love rooting against him and i love grew in against him to well they're ago cory you've got hold everyone thought size we're going gonna get to you and just noel we were everybody i already said minor josh hamilton actually is somebody i want to talk about because i said mine josh hamilton was great sure when did you say years already i know you missed it though will get years just minutes after have you ask hamilton was an amazing hitter sure and we've talked to add nauseam about how that do just he killed his body early in wasn't able to have a long career but that said that makes me sad because a the rangers adam for cheat for a couple of years they did and we could have real capitalize on that again if he if he he physically could have done it and the man with despite all the other things that do was an absolute must see in baseball he was he was an attraction you wanted to know what josh hampton was about to do he was going to win a game views game winner type hitter i agree and i i just that that's thanks for us as rangers fans and i look at it i think it is a three joshua that's the big do though yeah of the crap out everybody at if you go back to two thousand twelve for the first two or three months of the season there are legitimate discussions that josh hamilton could put up the best a testicle season in the history of major league baseball this year no back in two thousand case aria better than ruth better than usual better than mantle better than pu hosts at his peak better than better than anybody i mean i know he fell off but that speaks to your point about him being at attraction that you looked at it you're like this could be the greatest thing ever it looked like he was going to have sixty five home runs two hundred and fifty eight rbi and hit like 340 who's going to.

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