President Trump, Putin, United States discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell


I'm smiling even though i really wanna be jumping out of my skin because the president is making sure aid of diplomacy he's almost making light well he is making light of our adversaries he's turned everything upside down today's the day when he declared by launching these tariffs against our allies the canadians the mexicans the europeans that they are national security threat at the same time that he's praising and practically finding over the north koreans and now we hear these rumors about him wanting to meet with putin which is not surprising but again everything is upside down you're not supposed to be overly flattering praising your adversaries you're supposed to keep the us national security interest in mind and be hard headed of course you can be charming but you really need to keep first principles in mind and that is what is the us objective what are we getting for the meeting what are we going to get at the end of the road is it possible that even if sloppy this could still land in in a good place if they pull off the meeting and it leads to some sort of non military type road to getting things the us wants well it depends what the non military road is so if they have a meeting right and they agree that they're going the north koreans agree to at least freeze their nuclear program and to a long term process as the president the president now understands this is not going to happen overnight so he's a bit more realistic the hopefully not letting the north koreans off the hook so if the north korean say we're gonna freeze ultimately we'll get rid of our nuclear weapons at some point in the future that's certainly better than fire and fury but what do the north koreans want an exchange if what they want is released relief from the sanctions they're already getting that from what i'm reading the newspapers there already ships now going from china and russia to north korea to greater pace so but they'll want more economic assistance our president has basically promised that together with the allies but what are the other things that north koreans won't we have to hold tight we.

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