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With with all your normal professional duties, but then being the social director here as well. Well, we try to take on a little bit of a roll post because we get so many members of our CBS family who who come out, and they just love this trip is or favorite week of the year. And of course, got a lot of friends that are in all with the PGA tour and some of the celebrity field as well that we've grown acquainted with through what this fourth year broadcasting the tournament. So it's it's a special time. It's a busy time coming off the Super Bowl awake ago. And although we took Monday night just to have a quiet night at home starting Tuesday. They were events there was an event Jusin. I winced night Thursday. We kept a low e Friday we had the CBS crew over to the house. Right now for almost twenty five years. I've tried to throw an offense that would be in the spirit of being Crosby. Obviously, there's no one like thing. But just plays a local. Indecision before I became a local I thought there should be something kind of set aside for a portion of the celebrity field that would be a modern day version of like, a clamp or whatever you wanna call it. So that's what some odd years of my wife, Courtney hosting it was last night. We had some golfers there yet. Celebrities. They're like Greg Kinnear. Ray romano's bit every year. Train. Of course, Clint Eastwood comes as our guests every single year. And it's a it's a wine cellar experience with as many people's you have upwards of twenty four people in one conversation. Lots of stories lots of laughs. Oath to Bing Crosby, celebrating the good fortune and blessings that we have the chance to be here to be somehow on the Monterey peninsula experiences. Leak friendship fellowship. All try to bring it together. I think that was the intent originally Mr. Crosby. Anyway, it's been a ball bismuth is in one big party. I'm not going to get you. Yeah. That's great. And I know we don't want to make predictions but Phil's three back plane today in the last group with Paul Casey, another Arizona state grad. I assume Phil was upbeat last night. And in ready for a big round today. You know, he didn't even talk about any strategy regarding today. He knows how to get it around here with four four wins eight top three finishes. I don't know if you know, this you could certainly Google it online, but I made some outrageous predictions for a long time ago that I thought still win the twenty nine hundred US open here. And when I was out down at the PGA show launching clothing line with. I want on golf channel and with Jerry Williams. And I said on the air that was gonna win at Pebble Beach this year meeting, the US open, and somehow it, you know, it's. Whatever a lot of people. Thought that was a wait you're taking a forty eight year old in the US open. Ashley forty nine on the Sunday of glass open while I still think he can't do the double by the way, I think he can win today and he can win. And we went Jack Nicklaus. One in seventy two the US open with one iron off the flagstick. At seventeen he wanted to Crosby earlier that year when tiger won in two thousand. He wanted to Crosby earlier in the year. So I like fills chapters around here every single time mckee's it up to be a lot of fun. Well earlier in the week. He did something you never done before he hit every single fairway used to feel. You know being in parking lots and backyards and other things and and fairway bunkers, but he hit every single fairway. So he's got to do that in June. If he's going to win here damn close to it. Never a dull moment, I think. That's why he's been such a long time. Attraction of the game. Is he's worth the price of admission because. Yeah, he's gonna hit shots that you can't believe both ways. Great. And not so crazy. But yesterday, they hit fourteen and two uphill second shot. Four iron and stuff it in there about three feet of let the eagle pretty amazing. I mean the club head speed. He still has ideas more than ever right now. He says that was after a three hundred thirty one yard drive on on the whole with zero run out fluid. Thirty one I've got old music. I just so hard to believe having played that whole a number of times myself. That's that's just that's just crazy sub gymnasts. Thank you so much for some time on hey, thanks, man. This is a good way for me to run into the broadcast by getting a few thoughts cobbled together on your great show. I always loved being being on what you. You and when mitch's there, of course, Tommy as well. And I hope you have a wonderful day. Back and enjoys couple peace in all of its lender. Is I look out the window right now. The sun is shining. And they were going to have just a perfect day in the end. There's gymnasts. Visit we had within this morning. Always very generous with his time and fun to to visit with Jim and I see him as sort of the face of this tournament down the line. They've had Clint Eastwood up in the the eighteenth tower today with them, but with Jim living here now, and and really sort of understanding the vibe of what this tournament has been having been involved broadcasting now for thirty plus years and living here on the peninsula. I really I really see him as a a face to this thing at some point down the Rhine the line. He mentioned hosting this dinner with. With print snicker and Mickelson and a few others. And I could see that expanding as well. So so pretty cool stuff in gyms gyms doing a great job with it. So so a lot of fun give you a little scoring update. The the leaders have played down through eight holes. And Paul Casey is still the leader. He's got a two shot lead over Scott Langley, and Phil Mickelson Casey. And Mickelson both. Little tricky four-footers on number eight to make par Scott stallings and see. Well, kim. We're both. I believe tied for second. At one point. They've now backed off a little bit. They're both at thirteen under three shots back. So that's that's happening there. And then you've got a logjam that kind of mix up the the top the rest of the top ten there with Jason day a couple of under for the day. Brian gay one hundred for the day. And max Homa Cal bear alumnus. He is in the top ten right now five under through fifteen holes. Having started on the back nine. So he's got holes number. Let's see would that make it six seven eight nine. Seven eight nine to play. So you know, a couple of tough holes coming in. But a top ten for max would be would be pretty awesome. I don't think he has full status at this point. So that would be a real good one there. Hey, the PGA championship will be coming to Harding park TPC Harding park in the year twenty twenty and we've got the twenty one women's US open at Olympic club in twenty one. So lots of great Goff coming to the bay area including down here in June. We've talked a lot about the US open. There are only four hundred and fifty seven days left before the PGA championship coming to TPC Harding park. How many.

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