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Seven is one hundred ninety six feet. So that means there's about fifty feet on either side of the wingtips if it were to fly into this entrance. So it's not a tiny little thing. There's another entrance and it has a dome over it. And it looks like a metal awning. And again because I want people to be able to find these things for themselves. If it just if they just type in an Arctic into our search bar, a whole list of things will come up so that you can find you know, these things for yourself on one of these situations the the two entrances. I just mentioned the day after we hosted them they were wiped off off of Google, and I found ways where I could still help people find it by just following the shapes on the on the on the surface. But that indicated to me that there was still activity going on there that they didn't want people to see and one of the places where you keep zooming in on where I was able to easily get to the entrance before it it just goes dark, but then I went deeper, and there is now a static photo there that you can finally get to. But you cannot see. Anything that would be changing. So I found that very very interesting. Another thing that was found wasn't an entrance that. And there was a a runway that seemed to be going right up to it. Now, what makes this unique or questionable is it is two hundred and fifteen miles away from any research facility in Antarctica? So here's big entrance into the interior with something that clearly looks like runway lights taking you up to this entrance. And it's another one and I'll use an airplane as a comparison. If you have an eight three twenty Airbus, which has a wingspan one hundred seventeen feet, it could fit into this because it is the widest with it's one hundred and forty nine feet, but you can see it looks like runway lights, and again, I provide the the coordinates so people can go and find. And these things for themselves 'cause I think that's so important late navy insider Bill Tompkins died at the age of ninety four, but he was revealing incredible secrets you've had an opportunity to get some information about him story on him. It's under the art. It's it it's it says Antarctica, and then reptilian aliens helped the Nazis and information about him is there. I find him the most credible person to pay attention to. I know there's so blowers that are talking about things in Antarctica. But his reputation is impeccable and he was involved in US navy intelligence back in World War Two. He also worked at the highest levels of NASA. And he worked with Werner von Braun. And the the next man that was working with him all the time in his book. He came out and talked about working with. Human looking aliens at NASA, and that they use human alien human, looking aliens were very instrumental, and we humans developing our space equipment and space travel, you trusted Tompkins, I think more so than anybody that you interviewed or talked to I absolutely think he is absolutely worth worth considering. And he also talked about the Nazis and reptilians the Dow awful stories, but when you hear them from a man like him, you really have to stand up and take notice and consider it might very very well be true. And basically what he was saying was that the ripped. Well, let me back up a second. They're the biggest chain of volcanoes in the world believe it or not is under the western part of Antarctica. And in h at times there were these huge caverns and tunnels were formed by the flowing lava. According to Thompkin or I'll just call him Bill and make it easier. According to Bill, the reptilians long ago established the an underground base there in those old volcanic caverns, and they were teaming up with the Nazis and the Nazis were teaming up with them even before World War Two started. And they they were I it went back into the thirties when they were cooperating with them, and eventually the reptilians gave the Nazis, I would say like joining caverns that weren't as big. But they were certainly, you know, big enough for the job, and he gets into the really dark side of all this. We all should know about the holocaust in World War Two and how the humans were treated, and there were slave labor. And all that. The same thing was going on in these facilities in an article where they were producing their space vehicles, and they were using human slaves down there. These kind of operations are still going on. They are still producing things down there. But long ago they were they were flying to the moon. And he said that some of the navy spies that he knew said that they had also flown to the stars from Antarctica. And that many of the UFO's that we're seeing and for perhaps they're still being seen are actually originating out of Antarctica. They somehow are able to just submerge and go through these caverns, I think even back in the back during the Nazi wartime. They had submarines that they had that we'd go. Underneath the ice. And there's like underground river beneath the ice, and so they would travel that way to get to these facilities. Do you think Mary that there are underwater cities there that have been covered up that there might be a huge? You're fall wonder there as well. I certainly have seen those kind of stories I think they could very very well be true. From what I've been able to reason out is that either they expanded on these underwater Cavins, I don't think caverns I don't think they just went down there and for from scratch started building things it's just like you're in the mountains. We have underground facilities that I've written about him one of my books. I'm sure that some of that at least was started with the underground caverns that exists here in the mountains. It just makes it easier to get something started. What do you think? All these scientists are doing there. Now, what are they doing? Welcome back to sports. Today's topic who deserves to win big this season my two cents. Good drivers. I mean, that's why they're snapshot from progressive. Let's go to Rick for some confusing. Metaphors? Look if you put a classically trained sell us, then a garage band, you tell them to play for Laming young. I guarantee you the meat on nap Marito ain't gonna like the candle. Thanks for.

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