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I don't Frank at all. He's totally fine. Yeah. You want anything bad happening to them either? Yeah. Yeah. I feel I feel so disconnected from him at this point. Yeah. Just like I can't even remember like what I can't even remember what his body feels like or like what I truly such a distant. That's you know, it's such a distant memory. It's time. But I don't I don't it's not going to say. I don't miss it. I just like right through it's truly gone through after all these years cycled through. Yeah. Yep. Absolutely. Somebody commented I post a video my Instagram of because I had a really big party on Saturday night. Current was at I got really anxious. So and I had to take a walk. I showed up what are seen as leaving her own. I know Karenin comes as I'm leaving with a friend. And I'm like, I gotta take a Walker, and there's a lot of people and there's just like, okay. I'll just make sure no one's like knocking over your picture. Has it gone? Just I really think there were down one hundred and fifty people in here, it was a large amount or two hundred and like people start, and I'm very like, you know, if someone wants to come and they heard about it. I'm not. It wasn't true. Go knows a lot of will. Yeah. So more than I thought that it would get. But then I got really anxious. But then I was like I'm not going to turn anybody away because that's terrible. And I'm not gonna end if these sorts of Christina Clark Tex. Yeah, they're people are texting me. Hey, can I bring so? So I'm like, yeah. Whatever I know. That's the last part I'm going to have like that though. This is the difference between us you little ever party. Everyone's welcome. I've sent out party invitations that say in bold, no significant others. I know you know, what I got a got a mail out invitation for the next one. Oh, my God lucid specific group. Not because I don't like everybody. But it's just because he can't at my people in your house. It's overwhelming. Yeah. So okay. Guys, our guest I'm so excited that she is our guest this week. We've been wanting interview her for a long time. She's a fucking hilarious. Stand up comedian. She's featured in the Netflix stand up special series called the degenerates, ladies and gentlemen. Please. Welcome LIZA traeger. Sunday. Judge taking shit just getting here. We a traeger. I'm good so excited that interview you pumps. Nice play. Thank you very much. How.

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