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Fibrinogen project presents divided. We fall in July two thousand twelve a one time. Nebraska, corn husker basketball star told Lancaster county PD three men broke into her house. Tighter up. Carved anti gay slurs into her skin and litter house on fire experts found no trace of blood on be neatly made bed. Even though Charlie. Rogers said her attackers bound cut hindered down on it. Photograph taken the day. After Rogers reported the attack showed wounds losing glud, I was kicking wrestling punching trying to get up. She pulled police a forensic pathologist concluded Rogers cut herself cuts were all in areas accessible to Rogers and avoided sensitive body parts and the anti gay slurs were written from her perspective. Not in attackers police discovered that the white gloves zip ties and utility Knight used in the attack were purchased at an ace hardware, the employees who sold the items identified Rogers from a photo lineup as walk them. Roger said, the gloves not hers. Investigators found her DNA inside them judge ordered. She do two hundred fifty hours of community service week in jail. Two years probation for faking the anti-gay it crime restore scared. The people of Lincoln even divided them domestic violence rose considerably judge was quoted local press saying it exploded in her face some and also starring on some TV show allegedly staged in anti-gay racist, take prime in Chicago. It's the most coverage crime in Chicago has gotten nationally in a decade. It's reportedly caused infighting amongst the cast of the series in fighting in the LGBTQ community because that's what's in fighting one pundit said only in Trump's America could someone think to do this in July two thousand twelve a one time Nebraska corn husker basketball star. And there is no such thing as a Trump. America, just America divided. We fall only on the Vinnie Penn project. And.

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