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Broadcasting hall of fame like sam donaldson the past like like other washington correspondence views this to the to to become a anchors in major major news organizations it may be form part of the face maybe dan rather is another example of that so because of that the trump administration doesn't take backward step to go listen and got caught with guys you expletives to described the present he got fired now we find out the kid at these scaramucci the new president of the export import bank of they just said he had russian ties he said now with rushing ties i'm going to sue you for saying i have russian ties and then the fire did cnn upon further review three investigative reporters because he put that story forward without being thoroughly source they had one source unnamed not good enough to go with and now they set up new standards so now all of a sudden you had a press office said the white house who is reinvigorated with the fact that they believe it's fake news and now they want to pull back of the press briefings in maybe have one televised one a week and that's not the first one jewish state abbas had a problem within didi myers with the bill clinton administration he had a problem with it and so for you have cnn in particular who is just been totally ignored of these briefings and believe me at fox they understand the frustration they're going crazy about the fact that they'll give briefed they'll get it all their questions answered just not on camera that striving jim acosta crazy cut eighteen but we're witnessing right now is just this erosion of our freedoms and terms of covering the president united states this issue of turning off the cameras in the briefing room wove i could hold up my my phone tomorrow and livestream that press briefing with sean spicer sarah sanders whoever comes in there and that is just where technology is where right now that.

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