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Getting people back to work with an emphasis on avoiding a surge in Corona virus numbers. Dr Richard Besser heads up the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Talks to Carol the Mitch car and says major issue today is the lack of a unified message or plan. We have to find a way to get on the same page across America. That these measures wearing that peeping six feet away washing hand staying home before six. Making sure people have the resource is they need to protect themselves and their families that these represent American values. And somehow we've gotten off track and these things which should be universal have a political overtones and they work. We've seen these measures work around the world. They can work here in America, and we have to find a way to come together. And speaking of the masks if you go into a store on the sign says no shirt, no shoes, no service. You stay close, and no one starts waving the Constitution. What is it about masks that has made us so divided? There are two narratives going on right now about the pandemic. You know what you're hearing from? Every public health leader across the country and and many of our political leaders. What you're hearing is that this is serious. We're in the early days of this pandemic. What we do can can really make a difference. That's one narrative and the other narrative is there's nothing to worry about. It's overblown. Let's just get back to work and and to our lives. But public health is the road map getting there. I hear people say, Well, the surgeon general several months ago, said masks weren't a good thing, and Dr Fauci several months ago, said that covert 19 was not going to be a big deal. Their opinions have changed. I ran emergency preparedness responsive TBC for four years in every response that we were involved in our guidance would change as we learn more information. And one of the things that was essential to our success was the ability to talk directly to the American people so that the public could understand what we were learning and when guidance changed, they could see it. As ah, step towards progress rather than a foot plot, or, you know, an entity that didn't know what they were doing. That's the situation here with mask you've always known. That masks are very important in the health care setting. What we've learned here is that there's a fair amount of disease that spread before anyone has any symptoms. And in places in countries where people wearing masks, they're able to reduce the spread from people without symptoms to others, and that's driven the change here and it's been an important change. But it's been one that's been difficult to communicate because the CDC doesn't talk to the public every day on their different messages out there that are being raised up as this being an example of foot plopping rather example of learning as we go that is Dr Richard Besser from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Talking to Carol, these Mitch car.

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