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Do a large here on ninety three double d our guest today is j beggar dave is a columnist at the lafayette journal and courier journal courier pay for that is up and tippecanoe county i thought it'd be good to bring somebody on the program today that presents a little bit of a different perspective than the usual sort of four sixty five inside the inside the donut county bob loop perspective and so dave we appreciate you being on the program today before move onto the fourth district gordon you talked to a couple of moscow about early voting in presidential elections you folks get about half your people showed up to vote early and primary says about third has early voting increased voter turnout it's been my experience that i'm all for giving people more ways to vote and get this out the way that early voting really doesn't drive or vote centers don't necessarily drive turnout as they do just sort of shift the people who would have voted election day just find a reason to do it earlier and there's really not necessary early net increase on voter participation however vits a really contested race or really hot issue those are more likely to dry people to the polls than necessarily how many places they can vote early this is drive and the candidates are gonna drive that's been my experience here we've been doing it for nearly ten years or so and we're one of the early pilots pilot projects for it but for example this year we also have probably the biggest races here and then drive the most traffic will be our sheriff's race and prosecutors whether it's on the republican side will decide who wins there are no democrats that have filed yet those will drive that traffic early voting he's not gonna do it but the.

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