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He said, well, who what demographic are you trying to appeal to and I told him in our trying to appeal to everybody that's in the consumer financial services industry and he said to me but dad, if that's here, the intent how come you don't have a podcast show because that's what younger folks are are listening to and. So that got me thinking about Chris and. It we. It became pretty clear to me particularly after talking to you and other people in our group that really had a void and the different types of communication that we were using. To Talk to our clients to talk to the industry and We embarked on. A podcast show land if I. It was like everything else. We were the first blog at our law firm and we were the first podcast show so. It was a little controversial but thankfully. We were able to get it done. How would you articulate what you thought? Our goal was in launching the PODCAST and you've mentioned part of it is that to appeal to a younger demographic but you know what other goals did you have in mind and more importantly? Do you think we've achieved those goals? Sure. Yeah the the main goal here was. To bring information important information about the consumer financial services industry to our audience. Quick Quicker then we could do with a webinar where it takes more planning and You'd have to send out e invitations and you have to prepare slides It's a lot more detailed a lot more complicated. Than doing a podcast and some people like to get their information orly. They don't read blogs lot of people like our blog. I mean, we have thousands and thousands of subscribers to our blog, but we felt. I felt and I. Think it was a feeling shared by. The rest of the leaders of our group that we needed a podcast round out. The various kinds of. That we were using to communicate better with our clients and Wendy. Industry. And you know one thing that's interesting as an aside Allen is although the the idea was that we thought that this would appeal to younger people in the consumer finance industry a lot of the comments that have gotten over the couple of years that we've been doing. It have been from very senior people in the industry you know people who are near retirement age or even who have retired who listen to. It on a regular basis and that's true for people at consumer advocacy groups, and even within the government and so the point is, I, don't think that podcasts are limited in their appeal to a younger demographic I think it really stretches the whole age range now, I agree with you and indeed ever since we launched our podcast I, myself have started listening to other podcasts, which is something that I never did before. and. Like everything else. That that is technology driven. Usually Younger Peop- folks. Are the first to figure out how something can enhance their education or their lifestyle and then eventually gets up. Older folk like me But. Chris. Levy. Let me ask you As you said at the beginning, we were hopeful that this podcast show has a very long life and I'm sure will what are your expectations for the show going forward. Well I mean I think? Most. Importantly, the expectation is we're going to keep doing it. and. There's no reason that we shouldn't keep doing it because you know the sun will die before news stops happening in the consumer financial.

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