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Rian well my uh my co host the mall producers has got delivered last night so we want to apportion others you gotta ask we gotta underdog mad it's you know odyssey it's is city theme so we got a rag with it we got rod wicket who let the dogs ike we know you're so so we really appreciate you joining us today on the nfl on sudan uh no dab thanks for having me you're listening to this week on nfl nohuddle and we'll be back with another great interview right after this catch all new episodes of some of your favorite podcast early with tune in first place you can listen to new episodes him some of your favorite shown like haunted places biparti every episode i take you to the scariest taunted placed hollywood and crime by wonder also tested the purse for fingerprints will the thing area and uncivil again before their available anywhere else we ransack america's pass and discovered that history is only kind to dole's bright search first lay podcast and let's an early release an offense listen today welcome back to this week on nfl nohuddle hero your hosts brian weber and kordell stewart next on this week on nfl nohuddle former nfl quarterback sage rosenfels is our guest sage thanks for taking the time to join us once more after the miracle amid a soda undeniably case skied them as validated he's going to be the starter next year for the vikings ebert of minnesota doesn't make it to the super bowl but how do you think they're gonna handle things financially with kate him oh you know i who knows i actually ran into the contract negotiator on saturday just randomly a minneapolis and which are talked about it you said you know they really happened disgusted all that much in other is so focused on this using get through the season you just never know what's going to happen i'm in case kingdom could.

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