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But those exercises can return in the spring, just as the twenty nine thousand nine hundred sundown music series is set to begin in Haddon heights. David Madden, KYW NewsRadio. The recently released UN climate reports paint said din picture of the future. But a California. Climatologist says with the right action situation could be brightened the planet has warmed one degree celsius, which is almost thirty four degrees Fahrenheit above pre industrial temperatures. The UN report shows that if the planet warms at the same rate by the year twenty forty there will be massive wildfires. Coral reefs will die off worsening food shortages, but UC Santa Barbara professor Chris funk says if there is more investment in renewable energy dramatically reduce emissions from coal plant more trees. The warming can be stopped at about one point five degrees celsius or roughly thirty five degrees Fahrenheit, and to do that it'll cost about nine hundred billion dollars a year. Jim Roope, Los Angeles. And your time is six twenty one fans of the addictive video game Minecraft will be flocking to the greater Philadelphia expo center in oaks this weekend for our what's billed as the number one Minecraft event in the country. He he's Andrew Kramer, fills the San if you're not familiar with Minecraft. Chad Collins who founded mine fair describes it as using. Legos only in digital form you're able to create world and interact with other characters in the game. And just really let your nation run wild. You'll get to play Minecraft at this festival. Among many other activities, there's my craft DR there's going to be an escape room. And there's even going to be.

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