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Welcome back. This is the Ben Shapiro show. The president of the United States is prepared to sign into law. A new budget Bill that will basically end the standoff between Democrats and Republicans over the border conservative review has a great piece by Daniel Horowitz going through. What exactly is in this budget deal? He says the process it's indefensible it is immoral many ideological perspectives vote on an eleven hundred page omnibus with new provisions on immigration amid a border crisis. Which of course is true. I've talked at length before about how I think it violates the very nature of constitutional government to provide massive omnibus packages to the president every Bill was supposed to be designed separately. Every Bill was supposed to come up for for a vote. And then the president had the ability to veto the reason that the line item veto even became an issue over the last thirty forty years is because congress routinely would put together crap sandwiches, and then tell the president either sign the crap sandwich veto the crap sandwich. It's not her bills used to work. So what exactly is in this thing? Well, according to Daniel Horowitz over Itziar who has a really good reveal that he says less of a wall, then even what Democrats agreed to from originally genetic twenty five billion for the wall, then he negotiated himself down to five point six billion dollars. Democrats balked and only agreed to one point six billion dollars. This Bill calls it a day one point three seven five billion dollars enough to construct fifty five miles, but it's worse than that the Bill limits. The president's ability to construct barriers to just the Rio Grande valley sector and only Bollard fencing not concrete walls of any kind. There's no ability to adapt. In fact, this provision is is so strong that is leading people to believe that Trump may not even be able to use a national emergency to overcome it. Meaning that if the Bill self restricts the ability to construct barriers to just a particular area. That's actually a solid legal basis for saying the president doesn't have national emergency power to construct wall while other places because the way that we read law in the judiciary is that last time is I in priority. So if. If congress passes to bills one in nine hundred sixty and one yesterday and one yesterday. Overrules the one in nineteen sixty then the courts will read it that way. So if the national emergencies act of nineteen Seventy-six says the president can declare national emergency and build a wall, which again is even questionable. We'll get to that. But even if it said that if a Bill yesterday came out and said, we will not allow the president to build a wall other than in this small area the Bill yesterday Trump's the national emergencies act of nineteen Seventy-six. Second thing that's wrong with the budget. According to Daniel Horowitz, liberal, local officials will have veto power over the wall. He says it's likely that not a single mile offense will be built section to thirty two. A of the Bill Pryor to use of any funds made available by this act for the construction of physical barriers that department of homeland security shall confer and reach mutual agreement regarding the design and alignment of physical barriers within that city. That's a consult local elected officials. This is why they've limited the wall to the Rio Grande valley. These are the most liberal borders on these are the most liberal counties on the borders Lord of the consequences. The Bill stipulates such consultations shall continue until September thirtieth twenty thousand nine and maybe extended beyond that hit by agreement of the parties, and no funds made available in this act should be used for construction while consultations are continuing which means Trump can't build any wall at least until September and maybe beyond because he has to consult with all of these liberal authorities third. The Bill contains a blatant amnesty for the worst cartel smugglers section two to four prohibits the deportation of anyone who's sponsoring an unaccompanied minor illegal alien or who says they might sponsor and uncut. Minor illegal alien who lives in a household with an unaccompanied minor legal alien or house while that might potentially sponsor United in unaccompanied, minor illegal aliens. So we are now using children being traffic across the border as an excuse not to arrest illegal immigrants in the country who may apply as a sponsor or anyone in the household applying as the sponsor Jessica Vaughan of the very anti immigration center for immigration studies. She says we can call this. The MS thirteen household Protection Act of one thousand nine hundred and we know that eighty percents of AC sponsors unaccompanied children are in the country illegally the number of people. This would protect would reach into the hundreds of thousands. If all the potential or household. Household potential. Household numbers. Are counted. Forth. The the budget Bill contains more funding to manage deuce, the invasion rather than to deterrent. There is no new funding for ice deportation agents. It does add another at forty million dollars for the alternatives to detention program, which moves asylum-seekers to facilities in the interior of the country where they're usually released that's catch and release and finally a doubles low skilled workers, it doubles, the number of H two B non-agricultural unskilled seasonal workers will continue to be a public on America. According to Daniel Horowitz. That's just a cursory glance through the Bill. There's a bunch of problems with the Bill itself. Now, the assumption was that President Trump would sign this bad Bill, and then he would declare a national emergency. According to ABC today. The president is going to declare some eight billion dollars for border walls. He is he is the Daily Mail actually is reporting that by declaring a national emergency is going to allow him spend eight billion dollars building his wall after signing that Bill to avoid a government shutdown the White House confirmed Thursday, the president will sign a bipartisan spending deal to avoid another government shutdown, but will declare the national emergency in an effort to procure funds to build a border wall from beholden event in the white House Rose Garden about the border at ten AM on Friday. He's expected to side both the funding Bill and the paperwork for his executive actions. Well, there are some problems with the national emergency declaration number one. We have to make sure that he doesn't limit himself in the budget Bill itself to not being able to do any of this stuff. He's talking about as I mentioned. But number two, it is really unclear whether a national emergency declaration allows the president of the United States to mobilize the military in a non emergency non-military situation to build the border wall. Also, it turns out that immigration law is actually not wartime power immigration law is domestic law enforcement section twenty two ninety three only applies for war or emergency that requires may require use of the armed forces. We've never used the armed forces with regard to stopping things at the border, except in rare rare occasions another federal law allows the military to condemn property for various purposes, four occasions, but funding has to be appropriated by congress to that purpose as I said yesterday the best provisions of law for the president is the provision of law US ten USC to eighty four that suggests that the president can declare certain drug corridors and then build. Fencing along those drug corridors, but the idea that he has some widespread national emergency power, and he's not actually expanding current national emergency power. I think is is full hardy and opens the door to president coming up. We're gonna talk about whether declaring a national emergency is even going to work wanting to accomplish what President Trump thinks it's going to accomplish. I think rob ably. Not maybe it's a.

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