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It. Just try saying alexa good morning. Alexa good morning and alexa and chelsea handler will take care of the rest. Oh one more thing before we go if you one more chelsea handler and who doesn't make sure to check out her podcast life will be the death of me on iheartradio. We're back so if you just opened. An enormous bag of chips made a tremendous amount of noise yeah. It was so loud really really unprofessional so southie excited to see what i throw next speaking of professional. We're back. Oh oh yeah robert lecturing about professionalism. I'm i'm a consummate. Professional hasn't throw anything yet yeah except for those has beco- started throwing bagels and they brought me no joy now because i've just moved past that but not past throwing never moved past pass through so <hes> when we last louis beam he had tried to literally paint <hes> deng xiaoping red and gotten the shit punched out of him by a security guard that that will be the most emotionally satisfying beat of this story. The rest is just frustrated. Okay so right around the same time he was attacking in japan ping with paint. <hes> louis beam began to operate a paramilitary training camp in oklahoma. I call camp. Polar white supremacists would gather there to train in combined arms arms techniques and prepare for it to fight a civil war against communist blacks and jews attendees with military experience. We're encouraged to wear their medals and insignia over there clan fatigues so i found an interesting article from u._p._i. <hes> in november of nineteen eighty that covered this camp and little kerfuffle it ran into legally when it kind of <hes> brought a bunch of boy scouts over quote a ku klux klansmen who says he is prepared to do battle against communists and homosexuals instructs explorer scouts and civil civil air patrol cadets and guerrilla warfare techniques at a paramilitary camp newspaper reports the post which has not been fully chartered by the boy scouts of america is run by robert johnson day of deer park who denies he is a clan member and louis bima pasadena grand dragon of the texas k._k. I'm proud to be a member of the clan said bogert a former marine from the port texas as we said he had been a member for two years there only two groups. I'll do battle with communists and homosexuals. That's the basic reason i joined the clan. Wow yeah wow what a what a man the grand dragon what just a simple paramilitary training camp teaching boy scouts. It's not clean campus. It's just run by the grand dragon of the clan in another random guy unbelievable just again the article notes that the concerns about the camp we're initially sparked when parents have explorer scouts and civil air patrol cadets complain that they're fifteen and nineteen year old sons we're learning guerrilla warfare techniques and racial slurs from leaders camp. Oh oh fair concerns as a parent. I usually think parents are being too sensitive about stuff like this share but not this year yeah soft these days but yeah kids are still too soft but maybe it's bad for the k._k._k. To teach them how to fight a war had eh guy the other guys not with the k._k._k. Jack so. I guess that's fine yeah both sides. That's why all of us kids our pussies because we didn't grow up ben talking like it. You get it yeah. How can you did so. There's anything to edit out. It's that no no no no no cinema verite katie. That's what this is <hes> so <hes> yeah it was the parents complained a civil air patrol major paul renfro who invested gated camp stated to the newspaper quote. There was nothing boy scout about it. There were on maneuvers that were firing unloading using live ammunition and the parents were very upset because they were told nothing about this. These guys misled the scouts outs so camp. Polar was shut down after this is resolved controversy but not forever no yeah now can't pull came together again during a very different time in the u._s. So the fact that a lot of these guys were active duty u._s. Servicemembers was not a problem is also so consequently at time and what's weapon theft and smuggling of military great armaments like rocket launchers civilian militias and terrorist groups was incredibly common also might be tied hi together those two things so in two thousand eighteen as i write this episode. The state of oregon is currently ground zero for a resurgent militia movement you you can trace the start of our most recent band troubles back to the standoff at the bundy compound. Bunkerville nevada was led the occupation of the malheur wildlife refuge in oregon a number of the men who were involved in that are currently helping being state level republican legislators in idaho or when i wrote this they've come back after getting their way because threaten people with violence yeah yeah so even from that brief summary. It should be obvious groups like this work. They don't have the numbers to enforce their will democratically but they do have guns which which they used to threaten people with horrible violence to get what they want their gambling on the fact that nobody else will deploy violence against them because for some weird reason those people would be seen as having started started it yeah so we're all all is angry angry yeah anti-democratic yeah yeah but it's fine for them now. If they were puerto rican would not be okay which is why the puerto rican group that attacked the capital with guns got wiped out and i think executed <hes> <hes> was bad for them but <hes> cool to do it yeah. If you're in the seventies or eighties there was an attack by a puerto rican terrorist group. I should've looked this up before bringing it up but yeah now we'll circle round circle around the they got heavily punished yeah <hes> but but not that's how much this some part and they do so when these people are not confronted and forced to face as consequences for breaking the law they continue to push which is what we've seen with all the guys involved in the bundy standoff suv now continued to push local laws and stuff <hes> in oregon oregon and it's what we saw with louis beam in the early nineteen eighties he and his fellow klansman had not punish for greensboro they hadn't really been punished for camp fuller in so beam started looking for more opportunities for he and his men to enforce their own rule of law in places where they felt the government wouldn't have the guts to stand up to them. Greensboro obviously had been proof positive of how well this would work so being looked south from camp polar and he saw the town see drift texas. He thought it was another place where he and his comrades people to exercise their will enforce the cowardly state to flee before them now see drift was crabbing town with a population of about a thousand people live there had been recently disrupted by the arrival of roughly one hundred vietnamese refugees overnight cedric want from a very homogeneous culture where everybody spoke english to a town where only ninety percent of the people spoke english. It's going to cause some problems for for them. Yeah yeah so that on its own might not have been an issue but the vietnamese families proved to be extremely good at fishing for crabs they work together and large collaborative fish groups and work more efficiently ineffectively than the native crabbers of cedric's. That's going to be a proud to think capitalism capitalism. They'd be rewarded for this. Yeah nope in august nineteen seventy-nine. There is dispute over the distance between two sets of crab crab traps. A fight ensued and a white cracker was shot dead. Two vietnamese crabbers were acquitted for the shooting on self defence grounds so what happened next will sound very familiar. <hes> rumors began to percolate the vietnamese refugees were being funded on sketchy government welfare checks smuggled gold at vietnam before they'd fled several of the men in sea drift gift were vietnam veterans and the scars of war hardened their hatred to their new neighbours which was ironic because the vietnamese refugees who settled in sea drift did so because they'd sided with the americans and worked with the south south vietnamese government and it had to flee the country when the communists took over her sure way more costing communism at them it really ironic fortunate yet communicate well another thing that i didn't know about <hes> yeah yeah. Nobody talks about good name for a crab in town is a good name for it is absolutely it. Oh yeah you could see like the movie starting. I'm imagining what's his name. The guy who you played sheriff brody and jaws who's in seaquest to incredibly naive roy scheider. I'm imagining roy scheider sheriff of this little town yeah okay. I can accept that i wish roy scheider was still alive so they can make a make a sequel to know. Ah what you for this movie yeah not seaquest. We got enough seaquest. He had a cameo movie called sea drift crabbing tone. You know what what we we could have we could have we could have the the the big boat in seaquest comes with that dolphin that spoilers seacrest shows up saves the day that is not what happens so in one thousand nine hundred the first of these new immigrants to see drift or in their american citizenship this provoked a paroxysm of rage three vietnamese boats and one mobile home where firebombed there were beatings one man pulled a gun on vietnamese fishermen walking across the deck and shot him in the leg louis beam and his clan waded into this mess with glee and consummate expertise they started putting out reams of propaganda newsletters magazines calling the vietnamese refugees boat people and accusing adding them of being riddled with tuberculosis and malaria clan propaganda also sought to stoke fears that the new immigrants would sexually assault local white women yeah don't fears the clan even named their activities in sea drift operation him line a reference to the modest decent white women that were supposedly protecting in one interview with reporter clansmen and nc drifts said galveston bay is just like a fine woman if you raper. She's never good anymore. The clan off no comment also. How do you rape obey. Yeah i mean actually charles coke could answer that question about about this bay because he's largely responsible for ruining galveston bay. He's had his way with quote. He's had his way with galveston. Galveston bay and it's no good anymore that old see song do oh you know the way to galveston bay. No it doesn't work. It doesn't work. It doesn't work because we're i'm angry that we got hi. Uh i'm gonna do it through it. Towards the box of pringles wait wait the assistant. I knew that what happened. There was a real problem. It rained the pringles. It rained pringles box exactly what you wanted. They'll win in everywhere so very little digital containers of pringles. They're not like individual pringle ships everywhere that i would ask you know what i love is how satisfying theft on a podcast <hes> they might have to take pictures of it pictures of it. She shake your head now. She's ashamed as she should be anyway. Urging it on january tenth nineteen eighty-one anyone. The vietnamese owns shrimping vessel trudy was lit on fire in it's dock the next night and other vietnamese shrimping boat was burned. Local police reported seeing four white males in klan robes starting the fire. What wait was there was their fifth person. Nope nope <hes> all right. Yes probably the clan. Would it be a basketball team. We're if i wasn't in the clan and texas longhorn yeah so this would prove to be but a prelude in february of nineteen eighty-one the texas k. held a massive clan really and santa fe texas drawing three or four hundred armed paramilitaries as master of ceremonies. Louis beam burned a small rowboat load named the u._s._s. viet cong. He told the gathered clansmen to pay attention to his technique because he was illustrating the proper way to destroy by arson sure this was illegal because reasons didn't he decried the theft of the job security of real americans immigrants and promised that if the vietnamese fishermen and see drifted flea by may fifteenth the k._k._k. Hey would quote take matters into its own hands. In march road clansman started carrying out armed patrols of the galveston bay wielding assault rifles and displaying an effigy effigy of a lynch vietnamese person on the rigging of their boat..

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