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Had my own judgement went to leave which should also being on a cue from behind the camera it never came the nuclear came to ron paul camera crew go on the side of the hill together from away down will i survive anywhere sectors for john he was a wonderful the second you designed because he was the great editor who worked with peter hunt uh peter hunt was the editor on the first bomb dropped another and he is causing he really establish the style that bond was to follow and john glenn was his assistant peter hut unfortunately died he he rated one bomb which was very good many goods are action on a matches secret service indeed a maggie worked with them three directors over seven bonfeld south china sea napa guy hamilton lewis gilbert and john glenn what differences do they bring to europe or trial because every director has a different idea of how cactus should act and behave and ended that ever mesh with what you were lashing the d'un sommet television series turning while the character is doing a lot you know listen that nobody ever jobs to anything it was just as well because i be augmented abc's play myself every comes out light may put the goose gilbert i really loved because he was saying to one million say today to icu was script see you soon and see if we can find something we like any had the same idiotic sense of humility said we can spare met and shoot four five six different lines.

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