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We appreciate it, man. Be well, Don't you have a good night? You two take care That's ah. The young man who was there recently. But we've talked already in this hour with people whose relatives were there in In The early 19 forties, the late 19 thirties. Certainly the fifties and the sixties, when America's been at war. Let's go next here to Tony in Ohio, and it's always great to welcome you, Tony, welcome. Hi, Jordan. Hi, I'm I'm very lucky. I don't know anyone who was killed during any of the wars. My dad was in the Navy. And from I think from 1942 to 19 forties. Five or 44 something like that, and he served as a radio man on P T boat. And he he didn't talk about it very much. So I don't know what happened. If something of course course horrible things happened with your firing and getting fired back at But his skipper was named and he was in the Nixon administration cabinet someplace. I think he might have been the attorney general. I'm not sure. Are you familiar with the name? John Mitchell? Oh, my God. Of course, he was famous. Infamous during the Watergate. Today's Yes, he he was my dad Skipper. No kid during that. Yeah, And anyway, he didn't talk about it much, but I remember one particular time He and I were driving down the cemetery. Am He stopped it. Soldiers where the soldiers section was, and he said, You know, a lot of my classmates that I graduate with were buried there. And that's about all he'd say about the war. He didn't say much about it. And like I said, I want to thank all the service men and women for serving. And Memorial Day started out being called Decoration Day, and it's It's got now is this day to serve everybody or is it kind of moved to the soldiers now? Because the day for the soldiers, Veterans Day is really November? The 11th. But this has gotten more toward the military. Now. Veterans Day was originally Armistice Day. It signified the end of World War, one that quote war to end all wars. Wasn't quite the case. But then it morphed into veterans Day, which I think is appropriate. And and then you're right. It was decoration Day for the longest time. Um actually, and I bread something today, which was fascinating that It was freed slaves in 18 66 and 18 67, who began the practice of saluting and memorialize ng those troops to freed them. So I mean, that's how far back the idea of any ideas, not anything new people been the moralizing their fallen heroes since time began, But but, yeah, I think It's it's important to remember those who serve in serving the line of duty and face death upon doing Internet would have to include You know anyone who serves in the armed forces. But even I would say our police officers who You know, our our armed but are also facing whatever they're facing. And I'm not getting political here. I'm just saying, General, they certainly have to be remembered as well. Yeah, my father was a policeman for 25 years. And so I Kind of know what that's all about. Is that why you behave yourself so well, whenever you call? I don't know. I just I'm just tired of people picking on me. So I'm Oh, great. My You can come here any time and we won't pick on. You will salute you, Tony, my friend Now you don't need to do that. All right. Well, I'm saluting out. You can do it every once in a while. All right, You take care. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This is WBZ. 617254 10 30, the true meaning of Memorial Day. It's obvious if you know anything about being alive and being an American, But does it feel different? This year's there are slight. Not slight. Is there a noticeable return? Feeling for our fallen or is it just me noticing it in my neighborhood? I don't know. Ian said he was at the common Boston Common, Of course. And the National Guard. People put out 100 thousands of small flags. As a tribute, and it's pretty breathtaking..

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