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Viable jimbo one eight six six 505 four six two six we go to tommy in charleston west virginia good evening tommy uh good evening mr bohannon thank you for this opportunity sure uh let me say that uh i wrote well absolutely chris small newspaper during the reagan bush time uh and cover immigration inside out haitian wish my focus coin okay spend the community since then we've had twenty four years a president where yeah reagan put the right idea for their time it was the right effort to mate unfortunately it didn't work out well clinton bush the younger and obama we're basically asleep at the switch leaving that i'm the bush legislation the answer when they fail to run the farm worker program correctly they fail to enforce the law in places like poultry farm or other places they routinely area here the apple growers association et cetera all these farm group we want a million whatever their number is jimbo could be by saying i don't know they get half what they want yet the federal government knows darn well that half update farm workers in the country early go and they don't care i don't know why i know a guy down in mexico who north carolina boy highly latino by expose airing education over decades of his life he said bush go up on i thought i went from a great pro immigrant president ku an even better one and yet each of them made the farm worker programme more complicated he can't take mayan these are clean livers respectable health records and criminal records which they can document in mexico and he struggles to get.

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