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Insights to share into the course of the covert nineteen outbreak from research on her twenty sixteen book pandemic Shaw's new book tackles our attitudes and misconceptions about immigrants and immigration using scientific evidence to inform her analysis she says it's clear the plants animals and humans have been moving across the globe for ages and migration is a biological imperative as important as breathing her book is the next great migration the beauty and terror of life on the first news live from NPR news I'm Jack Speer president Donald Trump was at another important religious site today and as he did with yesterday's visit to the store exchange John's church the president generated controversy here's NPR's Tom gjelten Mr president trump visited a shrine to Saint John Paul the second the late pope was a champion of religious freedom and the president's visit came just before he signed an executive order promoting back because but to his critics it looked like a photo op at a time when the president faces criticism for being divisive the Catholic archbishop of Washington Wilton Gregory said he found it quote baffling and reprehensible that any Catholic.

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