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You by tree city advisers essay money can buy happiness earier maybe tax law makers as rich as possible or after stocks my son bauby a cadillac i think they're calls for tolls marketing analysis get the answers you need right here never sleeps smile idaho's whose money show starts now good evening it does start right now security that idaho's manisha six seventy kboi gotta make sure i don't miss this up i could just did i mean as far as mess in this stuff up oh i get a turn your mike on two that's your penalty it was as your own my milo war yes there are there i really don't believe it or not we've actually been sitting here for thirty minutes all ready to go see rashes here you've course air estate planning attorney he governing legal issues here on idaho's many show and brian widely financial advisor been in the business for quite some time been broadcasting a long time as well love doing this part of the day it's my favorite part of the day i enjoy meeting with my clients and so on but a lot of fast action good conversation happens right here on the program steve marsh are insurance expert which i realize this is kind of your introduction to the kboi listeners it is below steven martial law let's settle this off right all right i did have a new name for steve rash the attorney on no longer gimme call him esquire what i'm going to call him barrister it days picking up on the british y'all okay barrister stephen failed the bedroom british in you steve marsh are actually hobby in the most on the least enviable your career of both are you think your hated an attorney and you don't like the financial advisor about how do you feel about an insurance guy he's right he's right behind the used car settlements here for it steve marsh is our insurance guy if medical plans of idaho i trust this guy like nobody else he is so he's actually absolutely may be a fan of what he does and side of his business he's our expert on.

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