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If there's a chance that you were having a bad week at work, or are you maybe missed up a project or something with this will make you feel better? Instantly. At least you're not the Los Angeles Chargers team. Doctor. This is terrible. Apparently the quarterback Tyrod Taylor wasn't feeling well. I went in to see the doctor guy tried to fix his chest puncturing is along with Tyra is gonna be okay. Looking for a new team. Doctor. This guy's gonna be fine. Fine Couple of weeks. It was an accident. I'm like, Hey, punctured your lung. Sometimes I don't know. I need to know if Way touch only Come in. Is it an eighties party? Perfect for you. If you remember Cabbage patch kids watch watches and low balls And you know, I just want to show you Just show The greatest hits of the seventies eighties and nineties are just a few minutes away on Sonny. One of 79 sunny 1079 traffic brought to you by off lease, only dot com shop thousands of 2016 to 2020 vehicles with Super Low Miles Christ. Thousands below retail right now, at awfully only dot com New crash Three right lanes blocked bomb each gardens North bound 95. After PGA Boulevard earlier wrecked. It was North bound 95 approaching Gateway is in the final clear. Crashing Greenacres Jog Road Crest Haven Boulevard also watch for another one in North Palm Beach Lighthouse Drive at us one. This traffic report brought to you.

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