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And we tried everything to contain it, and it was not possible and it was spreading to you graphically and this giant risk of our off. Ah virus was spreading to the community and people. I'm infected with these variants in this area around. 50% of the people are not troubled that we found these mutation in this spike protein. This is a crucial protein for immunity. And after an infection or a vaccine, and in the lab, we tested these. Ah Some of these variants and found that they, In fact, as we feared, was list sensitivity popular assistant actually transported Professor, If I can ask you this variant that you talk about when you say 50% off people infected have this variation. How dangerous is it? You know? And how worried are you now? Given that there's now talk of culling these minx? Well, it's not just talking yesterday the government decided to call or meetings or 17 Ming's in Denmark or 1200 farms, even though, is only 200 farms that are infected. So I think they're very serious about this stopping the source and by isolating the humans, we can stop these acute viruses, not a chronic virus. And we know how to stop it among humans with social distancing and Onda, current ain and all these measures that we cannot apply to animals, flux, animals, producer animals, So once we have stopped the That whole soul to save their source. I think we should be able to. Ah, contain this. No doubt those who own these farms and one continues in what they have been raising these rearing These mints for won't be too happy. But if it's such so contagious and I believe you found this out about three months ago. Why wasn't the decision to call them taken sooner? If it is so easy for things strain of the Corona virus to be transmitted to humans from the minx? Well. The first three farms were called and then they tried other measures to contain it. And obviously that didn't help and it went very fast, I would say, And we had no control of why that isthe most likely with humans workers that works on several farms, but it was kind of a mystery. And and, Ah, until ah recently there was no cooling. But then they took up calling again properly Wa that was difficult to keep up with the speed with two or three new farms with 20,000 each being infected every day so they could not keep up with it. And we could see that he was in vegetable that they were spread to farms within a distance of eight kilometres. And if you move came along the way, Okay, cooling off all because eventually all farms would have been infected was in danger. Obviously opposed to more human. Thank you very much. Professor Anders.

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