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The weird is in their house, so we're, they went holograms is sometimes even though I don't like them at with you sometimes or better performances than some of the pop Popstars out there just lip sync anyway or like robots on stage. That's true. So I'm like, actually, it kind of is a hologram either way. You mean like Britney, did you see Andy as the victim? I did. Okay, good. Because you did it. You didn't ask like the first thing people now letting me like, I can't believe Andy was, and she didn't know his name. It was an Jamie Lynn called her out yet. I texted him in the morning and I was like, I think I need to quit my job. Because I literally can't unseat. You crawling right round with Britney, whipping ASO. So as an employee, yes. Was that like for you? It was terrifying and exhilarating all at once. I mean, the thing that I knew it was happening for weeks. You did, but he didn't know. No, he knew something was going to happen. Maybe no food a coincidence or not know the phantasm coincidence that would be they know where you're, I mean most of the time. It's not anybody famous. So like I don't know how that works. Maybe they just grab someone in the same seat, but he knew because they needed to know where he was sitting. He didn't know what to do on stage. If you can tell like he's holding his arms up and they're just like whispering shit in his his ear, like all the time. I mean, it was exciting. It was really cool to see, but the fact that she didn't know his name and she was like, oh, I think you know him give it up for him. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen in my entire life. And I've been saying to him, constantly it up for him like, hey view. When a goal singing happy birthday. Happy birthday. On me, guy was exact giving up for. I, I died. I thought it was the greatest thing and truth is him not being able to say like, oh, Andy Cohen. Got more press anyway. So it ended up being like huge, Joe, wait all in. Absolutely. We all love that he took it amazingly well and like, that's what's so great about him that he would take that amazing. He, let's like pop culture moment, like Tony wants to be in it, and I'm sure she knew like ensure thousands of people had said Andy, Cohen's coming onstage, put she's running like a huge shoot show. She's kind of a robot. She's kind of a robot. Yeah, watched Heather McMahon's insist stories. There's not. There's something going on there and there's also nothing going. There's been a lot and nothing going on for quite some time. Yeah. Yeah. I don't think that's a cottage break. Like ever ended. I just started to look more Len like this. They just pulled the strings tighter. Yeah, she's just like, yeah, totally. So yes, I agree with that being a hologram, my and I don't. I just don't understand why she can't retire league. Wound, her people let her sub working. She clearly doesn't enjoy it that much like she. It seems like I've heard weird things about her dad, like her, dad controls all of her ever since that psychotic break. Like he controls all over finances and it's really, I don't know how much of it is true, but I've just heard there's a lot of like controlling factors, and she's just a literally a cash machine write like just keep performing. People will pay three hundred bucks to go see her literally lip synch and it's like easy money. That's crazy said I won't. And it's sad because I feel like it's like ruining her legacy a little bit because she was such an icon and now it's like, so she now she's performing at Radio City, which is procedures and my favorite venue, but it's also not the biggest thing you should be performing, right? And everyone thinks she's a robot like everybody thinks she's, we're all talking about it. They don't want to hurt like. I'm not even worried this is ever going to get back her because it's someone told her, like, oh, the Morning Post thinks robot should be like, okay, yes, I am. That's my version of her. Speaking of performances I was telling you, I saw Amy Schumer last night. Yes, that's here. Seventeen. And it was amazing, but I heard that Bridget ever was opening for her. I'm a big fan of Bridget's just from watch what happens..

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