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People to think shading Michelle wasn't your shading. Michelle seem sincere. Seemed very sincere. Okay good okay. Good I just WANNA make. I'm worried that this was a sarcastic. Take that you are that you don't know me okay. Disagree Pro Republican okay. All right I'm GONNA get dragged for untold right now. Okay take it easy on Jordan. Everybody all right Bret Lebel. I don't really. I don't really get dragged that much on twitter. It's somewhat right twitter. We'll come on. What are you what are you waiting for all right? Bret La Belle says Nora says F.. PB and Jay bitches. So I don't know if that bread is sort of the residents survivor snack chat expert that he seems like that he's pro. Jay seems like he's not complaining about like we have you ever had the PB and J. in Fiji. He's he's not he's playing a game. Yeah if anybody wants to take me to Fiji so I can try that I'm now it's not like the pizza and and then price as A. I had a good tweet of help. Wayne Charisma was being spoken to about her health by the other players players. He says they didn't care when she cut her hand but now they want to call the doctor so good job by price. Okay okay all right. We're going to finally get to see if Hailey has what it takes in this week in survivor history quiz but first let me take a.

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