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Martha McCallum we're going to ask the tough questions because there's a lot of conventional wisdom out there that needs to be challenged in what I'm doing is making sure that whatever is developed through the day. People are fully informed from coast to coast. We're twenty four seven news. But really down to the minute. We're going to be fearless. We're going to be fair. Whether it's midnight over there. Fox News channel real news. Real honest opinion. Chicago's most powerful politicians facing possible jail. Time alderman, Ed Burke appearing in court Thursday afternoon, charged with attempted extortion for allegedly conveying to exacts a fast food restaurant that they'd get permits to remodel only if they signed on as clients of his private law firm Burke city hall offices were raided in November the savvy seventy five year old democrat faces up to twenty years in prison. He's been on the Chicago city council for fifty years chairing the finance committee for three decades Burke has been viewed as untouchable by many residents while nearly three dozen city council members have been convicted since the nineteen seventies. He was released on ten thousand dollar unsecured bond. Must also surrender his passport and guns. He allegedly at twenty three in his office. Even though he has publicly anti RA proposing many gun control measures, Kevin battle, Fox News, California, parole board has recommended the release of one of Charles Manson's followers. Robert Beausoleil has been jailed since nineteen seventy for the murder of musician. Gary hinman Bosa. I was not involved in the more notorious Tate labianca killings, California's incoming governor Gavin Newsom could block the parole recommendation the band, many considered to be the father of low cost air travel has died. Herb Kelleher the partner felt itself. Wester lines in nineteen seventy with low fares. A no frills.

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