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Also hockey last night the washington capitals defeating the vegas golden knights three two to win their first araceli celica follow game they were all in five and even the series at one one brayden hopi at thirty seven saves one of which was absolutely stupendous as best as i've ever seen it's in fact the best of this year for sure violet thirty seven saves second lowest postseason it's thirteenth win this postseason which sits a capital single season record also alexander ovechkin or the great goal scores of his era finally gets his first stanley cup final goal everything coming up rosie for washington which was a very tight hey mike and that save it was with two it's to go two minutes ago i mean three to two game and the the puck goes off the backboard i mean he goes to cody eakin on one side of the goal pretty close to the goal and hope he goes to to block that side of it he can makes a pass a right across the front of the goal to alex talk and i mean talk has an open point blank shot that that he is as he said after should've buried it how hope he got his stick back there to block it if there was any lift on that puck at all it would have been in but i'm sure tuck didn't thinking needed and you lift on that because it was wide open hope he gets that stick around blocks it and that's all she wrote what a monster monster save that one we had a lot of fun at the goalies expensive after game one where these teams combined for ten goals in series we thought would be defined by goaltending and hopefully very clearly putting his stamp on this now as the caps even enough one but losing again because that's off last night that upper body pretty isolated in the.

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