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Catholic through ski trip. It's going to be in timberland. It's an overnighter. Yeah. You for a minute share? Mr. Sachs tomato, correct? So that he thinks you're going to schools invited. Me course, you it's going to be a blast. Besides it'll give us a chance to get caught up. Talk about all the times. Sure. Sure. I'll go. Okay. Great. I gotta go. Okay. So two things really quick. This is where I wanna stylish also that the popular girls are always in this navy Denham, blue Pearl. Very late cable knit sort of like layering. It's very intentional what they did with the wardrobe here. But the popular girls are always in blues and denims in whites like that is there theme, and then they have Angela in this scene. The red sweater the previous in a red sweater, which we don't really see her in anything bold at any other point during the movie, but for the most part her color is like a Brown and Topi sort of like mob color. She does a lot of oranges on on. Just an whoever said angora was a new pink was seriously disturbed orange is the new. No. I mean, they this movie is. It's the costuming is great because the blue content from the popular girls continues. Maybe bluest cool. I don't know. But like they continue to beat you over the head with the blue well through the trial at the end where it's just like a Blue Wave is over on CC side of the courtroom and this color. It's really striking..

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