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Come on a new claim by the former head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that covert 19 may have escaped from a lab. Dr Anthony Fauci cast out on the idea. The Corona virus came from a lab in Wuhan, China at the former Centers for Disease Control Chief Dr Robert Redfield said he believes it's possible it likely was below the radar screen. Spreading in the community in China for several weeks, if not a month or more, Dr Redfield told CNN. He doesn't believe Cove in 19 develop. Naturally, he acknowledged, many experts disagree, adding science will eventually figure it out. Rachel Sutherland. Fox is today's covert response team. Briefing the current head of the CDC, Dr Rochelle Wolinsky. Ask people to be patient while waiting get vaccinated as she sees case is beginning to rise again. You haven't been vaccinated. Your turn is likely very soon. We can turn this around, but it will take all of us working together. Please keep wearing your well fitting mess and taking a public health actions Now that we know in reverse these concerning trend seven day rolling average for daily new cases in the U. S increased over the past two weeks from over 55,500 on March 11 to over 58,600 yesterday, according to Johns Hopkins University. Boulder police with an update on the mass shooting at a supermarket Monday, The Boulder police chief says they still don't have a motive explaining why Ahmad Elissa opened fire at a King Soopers grocery store this weekend. Boulder, killing 10 people. But he did purchase his weapon legally passing a background check conducted by the state. Recently, Fox is Jessica Rosendahl, Amada Lisa's facing 10 counts of murder and could face additional charges of attempted murder. America is listening to Von Snooze. Fox Nation presents podcasts, Women of the Bible Speak I'm Shannon Bream, host of Fox News at night and author of the new book. Women of the Bible. Speak the Wisdom of 16 Women and their lessons for today, where I Examine the timeless stories of women in the Bible. Join me and some of my friends for this limited podcast series as we discuss what it means to.

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