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Degrees on Peachtree Street at 601 and Channel two Action News meteorologist Brad Nixon for Kurt Melis has our exclusive five day forecast on the way that triple team traffic, smiling Mark McKay. It'll be a slow recovery between Sandy Springs and Bucket on 400 southbound, even though the rollover crash that had all being shut down for over 30 minutes has been moved mainly to the right. Right. Lane is knocked out 400 south before Lenox Road, and we're still stuck in that bumper to bumper battle trying to leave the 25 Glen rich connector area. It's been a massive Johnson very trying to get onto an off of Georgia 400 at the Glen Ridge Connector, a Roswell Road. Extra heavy delays as a lot of folks used Roswell Road self down between Sandy Springs and bucket once you get into the city Along the way. Big Greek crash cleanup It rolled over onto its side. 75 85 south at the end of the Freedom Parkway, Transition ramp, the ramp from Glenwood or Edge what I should say has been shut down onto the connect yourself and the right lane. Now take it away. 75 85 South down north of I 20 Mike. He'll score a carrier Traffic center and that crash cleanup on Georgia. Foreigners south down at Lenox Road in Buckhead, having an impact on 25 east and westbound the Internet outer loop skinny past Georgia 400 exit 27 on the north side perimeter on the West side. Perimeter all brake lights 25 south and the absolute believing I 75 calm County down the I 20 the West Freeway East Side Perimeter. The same story. 25% outbound. The inner loop full house from I 85 down to coveted highway exit 43 triple team traffic. 95.5 WSB. Georgia has seen what you'd have to call a shocking increase in the number of drug overdose deaths related to fentanyl. Overdose deaths having to do with fentanyl war up 105%.

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