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And now they just want to help this community, and it's an entire community that understands the majority of the population here are mentally disturbed, and it it functions. Great. Everybody's easy going. They understand like what's going on. And the people are healthier there. Yeah. And it's just a town that catered where there's no questions is not a bunch of people wondering what's going on? So I think when you create environment where everybody's like. Yep. This is how it is. This is the DO here and these people just get to live their lives. I'll happy like who. Are we to say what's real? And what's not real? I mean, we know that everything like our brains tells what's real and not real. And if that tells you like just lend. Yeah, I totally agree. As their healthy and taking care of. And there is no nothing unethical about it. In fact, super. Yeah. Me too. And it would probably and they have these they let family members and friends record audios for them to listen to and it simulates a phone call. So they think they're talking on the phone, and even if their partner were to die they can still listen to that recording. And so they don't have to be retold all the time that so and so died, they can just listen to the message and everything very cool. I'm into it. And I I would I would like to hear the arguments against it a long term. And like, right like if you look at the health, the, you know, there, I would even imagine that the cost of other medical expenses, go down. Absolutely. Of course, compared to whatever they were doing before. Goodness. Another thing that we're into is saving money, which you can do if you go to the zebra dot com. Tom. I am really into this service. It is essentially kayak for auto insurance..

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