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You you and for your children and for all the ones at a distance as many as the Lord our God will call that you and may we were at the distance. We were called but I want you to notice the baptism for the removal movable of sins is not the same as being baptized in the Holy Spirit the not the same there are two different events so believing Jesus repenting these are all separate things being baptized in the water then being baptized in the Holy Spirit Spirit these Peter in the Peter Package are he's saying these are all the necessary elements to be sealed for your salvation. Oh my saying that without being baptized in water or baptized appetizing in the Holy Spirit. You can't be saved not going to say that. I don't know to be very frank with you. I don't know I believe that a man who cries out to the Lord who surrenders his life who gives himself to Jesus Christ. I believe that man is saved but there are a pieces of that process that we need to not bypass so I'm saying to you. Inefficiencies in the first chapter being sealed in the Holy Spirit is the baptism of the Holy Spirit Spirit. Now I always thought of being sealed that happened baptism but obviously I was wrong. Just just read the scripture. The Holy Spirit came one time he came as a baptism of the Holy Spirit he didn't didn't walk in silently on cats feet and surprise everybody he came boldly and you know when you've been baptized in the Holy Spirit. It's it's like getting the flu. You know when you have the flu you know when you were plunged under the water. I have a vivid memory of being plunged under the water her in water baptism. Oh please. I'm not saying you have to do this. I'm seeing this Mrs. I'm reading you. The scriptures that say this is the process. This is the road. It's not a vertical line where we pass that line we we we say a sinner's prayer. We passed the line now. We've got our ticket and we're good to go to heaven and we'RE NOT GONNA go to hell. That's foolishness. It's not in scripture John John Bunyan and that's why I chose this this name Pilgrim's progress as he wrote that allegory back in the sixteen early sixteen eighteen hundreds in his prison cell. He saw even as I do that. It's a journey. It's a vertical line fine. It's a journey to the Jordan River where you die and you enter into the kingdom into the glory of Heaven with Jesus so am I saved. I'm in the process of being saved. I stand by faith. I'm saved in Jesus Jesus but I'm not there yet so according to efficient visions I need to be sealed in the Holy Spirit and warned not to grieve the Holy Spirit by bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and evil speaking malice..

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