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You know? Coliseum. There's a lot of talent there. There's no question about it. He is challenge for Baffert. And but you know, you mentioned Desmond, and he was very impressive in his maiden win. Especially the way he kicked home that final furlong and XP TV. I watched many of Desmond's workouts and several of them with the Philly, Florida. Lamar and the one thing that impressed me about Desmond is about all month month and a half ago, Florida will Lamar was just really you could tell vastly superior to Desmond. I mean, he was he was essentially overmatched against her. But as they continue to work as a team, and they got closer to decimals. I start that cap closed and desma was doing much better against Florida. Lamar as he got the right before his first race. So he's he's on the improve that sent here we go with that. Again. There's another one, you know. I mean, it's like the New York Yankees or murderers row over there. And and that Florida Lamar I mean, this is a extremely exciting Philly. I know they're very high on her at that Varner. And I mean, she had the most intensive Pated debut here in southern California really since justify as far as just buzz and so forth, and she she didn't get that big of a buyer seventy eight. But I mean, you know, she won just it was like a workout for. So, you know, again, the fact that Desmond was working, but working better as he was coming along against for the Lamar I think shows that this Desmond is just someone to really watch out for. So it's interesting that you picked up on that. And that's the thing about Babar. There's clues when you if you listen carefully to him there. Oftentimes are clues. I mean think of justify about this same time last year when he burst on the scene with that maiden win. Mike Willman ask them in the. Winter circle afterwards. You know, it was too late for the Kentucky Derby Baffert said I've got a plan which can really floored me since I already got a future book bet on them. And because I was thinking when I made the future. But better just if I was probably throwing my money away. Because of the fact that justify was late to the party yet and races two year old and Baffert just had, you know, era gate and west coast come along the previous two years, the didn't run two euros that he took his time with them didn't go through the triple crown and then ended up with the three year old male champion. So I kind of thought he'd probably do the same thing with justify when Mafrij said right there. I've got a plan. It was like, wow. Maybe maybe the Derby's in play for this guy, the Kentucky Derby, and certainly wasn't play as you were here. Visiting us in southern California for the for the allowance. I believe you were here for the allowance win. Right. Yes. And then the Santa needed Irby, right? All I missed was all I missed. Was his debut the maiden win. Yeah. So in that Santa needed be you know, there's a performance kinda gets lost in the shuffle. And how many times you see a horse with only two racist under his belt win race? The caliber the Santa Anita derby and defeat a pretty turn good horse at the time in both the oral so and you know, as I look out the window and see this rain coming down. Just pouring to the best training jobs. I've ever seen in my lifetime. One was lands Barreira with affirmed in nineteen seventy eight because you had a firm to Santa Anita, and you had Allie Dr back east, and we had an extremely wet winter in southern California that you're I wasn't living here at the time. But I know it was one of the wettest on record. And Barreiro was really have you know, tried to train affirmed up to the triple crown that year was really tough. And yet he of course, and then he had. One of the toughest rivals that horse would ever have to face in the triple crown in Allie, Dr..

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