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This is national native news trump krause and for antonio gonzales a policy-setting board for wisconsin department of natural resources approved a wolf heart. Evista quota three hundred wolves for the states fall. Wolf hunts wisconsin tribes oppose and have called on the us fish and wildlife service to reconsider its decision to remove federal protections for the animal daniel creating reports the board's vote goes against the wisconsin. Dnr's recommendation to set the harvest at one hundred thirty wolves state. Wildlife managers supported a conservative harvest due to uncertainty over the populations response to the february wolf hunt state licensed hunters harvested nearly double their allotted quota killing two hundred eighteen wolves and less than seventy two hours. John johnson senior is president of the lack of flambeau band of lake superior chippewa. He told the board that tribes view the wolf. As a brother adding their fates are intertwined. Six people lived in existence with wolves for longer than europeans walk. North america the main gun. We know respect and understand seems to be a different animal than the wolf that so many others despise johnson also chairs the voigt intertribal task force which represents a jib way tribes. The task force has called on the us. Fish and wildlife service to reconsider the wolf's delisting due to wisconsin systemic failures to manage wolves and prevent over harvest for national native news. I'm daniel catering the. Us senate passed a one point. Two trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure. Package that includes key spending provisions related to transportation what our infrastructure energy and climate resiliency on wednesday. The national congress of american indians held a virtual panel to discuss an infrastructure bill which proposes more than fifteen billion dollars in direct funding for tribal nations amber barbas deputy staff director at the us senate committee on indian affairs and spoke to the nci panel. We know native communities are facing the most extreme impacts of climate change especially in the arctic. So this bill helps built climate change resilience and native communities. And we know there's always need for more but at least for now the with the bill includes one hundred thirty million for community of relocation and eighty six million for travel climate resilience than adaptation projects. See right policy lead for community development and infrastructure for the national congress of american indians during the panel right said infrastructure bill authorizes more than two hundred and seventy million dollars over six years to implement eligible water projects to improve sanitation under the epa's indian reservation drinking water program. It also includes funding for sanitation projects in alaska native villages. It includes two hundred ninety million over five years to administer grants in alaska that will improve sanitation in rural and native villages forty million annually for f. Why twenty to twenty four fifty million for halfway twenty five and sixty million afford twenty six. Us house is expected to take up to build us fall. Here's indian affairs committee. Deputy staff director barb. We really think it's a truly historic achievement for everyone including american indians and alaskan natives to get this across the line in the senate in a bipartisan way. We also hope that the house of representatives will quickly pass the bill and the president signs it into law so we can work into action to royal canadian. Mounted police officers in the northwest territories have been charged with assault. According to a release the officers each face. One count of assault from an incident in yellowknife and october quote while lodging a woman and cells and quote both officers continue to work for the yellowknife rcmp detachment. You're expected to appear in court. September fourteenth centered. Domingo pablo cartoonist. Ricardo is one of seven recipients for the two thousand twenty one. New mexico governor's award for excellence in the arts is popular. Cartoon without reservation explores the irony and humor in the native american experience for.

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