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This interview went down a day before backlash he was in town i said tom i'd love to have you out to the not sam studio so we can talk about your journey into the wwe and some of the things that you've accomplished while inside of wwe and some of the things that you look forward to accomplishing as your wwe career continues to flourish and he said last professional broadcaster i would love to ladies and gentlemen my guest this week on sam roberts wrestling podcast tom phillips and now the sam roberts wrestling podcast interviews ladies and gentlemen he's the lead commentator of smackdown he's well he's been he's been in many different broadcasting positions and wwe and i think has been with wwe really longer than anybody fully realizes like your you kind of come across still like oh he's like the new play by play guy but then you start going back in your head and be like well he's always he's always kind of been there hasn't feet wet the sole bell i'm getting there it'll be six years in september tom phillips ladies and gentlemen tom phillips six years yeah is how long you've been a ww six years longer than i think anybody thought awesome yeah i mean you see in wwe especially with the announcers the one thing about wwe i think and working there and you tell me if i'm right or wrong is that you kind of have to develop some kind of okay i must be doing something right because if i was not doing something right they wouldn't be afraid to be like it's not you know the relationships not working out we'll see you later because you see young guys come in and some of them are there for life and other guys after a year or two it's like you know not you know this mix isn't working yet so we're going to move onto something else i mean it's such a unique place in that a any any corporation or any company you have to fit into the culture of what people are like and you've got an introduced to that it's like okay it is wwe and it is the dream job for pretty much.

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